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  1. hey guys, Im doing one this year as well!!! my first one and cant wait, mines with www.road-runner-rallies.co.uk got any tips for us new guys?! Im using a volvo estate from ebay! will get links to my teams just giving site on here if anyone's feeling generous for sponsorship : ) Jim
  2. Hey guys, great forum. Just wondering if anybody on here has taken part in a charity banger rally before? Its my first one and my team and I are very excited but a little nervous! We have to drive 1800 miles in a car worth less than £500!!! - we found a volvo estate on ebay for £500 and he knocked off £20 because its for charity! Any tips?!?! The one I'm doing is The Riviera Run there website is www.road-runner-rallies.co.uk if anyones interested. Thanks Jim
  3. Great pics of cars getting stuck in the snow!!! If you like an adventure you should check out www.road-runner-rallies.co.uk its a charity banger rally to the french riviera and we are trying really hard to reach our charity target of £30 000 - Its my first charity banger rally and I'm very excited. Has anyone ever done one before?
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