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    lupos,motorcoss,mountain bikes, anything fast enough to hurt myself!

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    R.I.P lucy#1 (black se) now driving a silver lupo 1.0 lucy#2
  1. Greggaesaucee @greggaesaucee
  2. Seen you wave so beeped my horn erratically haha!!
  3. wanting to get my arches rolled, so is there anyone in the tyne and wear area or near please give me a shout!
  4. it could be the thrust bearing, has happend on both lupos ive had,
  5. Spot on mate I am going to give it a go when I pick a fabric to use!
  6. black gti, http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showuser=1834
  7. whats the best way? and where could i get a custom design printed to use?
  8. I sadly wrote my 1.0 black lupo se off R.I.P LUCY#1, i am now driving a silver 1.0 and have alot of plans for it. Style tips are welcome to keep me on the right lines
  9. my mate jordan perverly
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