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  1. Keep seeing a blue gti in newark, saw u today also going to stapleford woods Any one on here?
  2. canonman

    GTA IV

    better than note, I had my xbox since they first come out and by reading what some people have said with the ring of death I think it might finish my xbox off lol
  3. canonman

    GTA IV

    haha I went to asda to buy it at 12 and got a copy for xbox 360 £37, then though hang on make some money on this. Waited till the sold out and then sold it for £45 lol bargin
  4. not sure about those wheels matt :S
  5. Wouldn;t bother going to look at the Green arosa on auto trader with 95k on it. Went for test drive and it felt crap. wheel wobble abit, hasn't had serive in 25k.
  6. Well When sleeky had it I think he did something to the air intake but before he did have a chip or somekind of re-map on it didn't he?
  7. my 51 plate sdi lupo was £35. Run that bad boy on vegi lol :-)
  8. Chirs you tdi is punchy, mine wasn't really anything like yours?!! Was abit better when I put some of your dads cleaner in! Get proper re-map and will be really nippy
  9. THats the only one thing I hated about my Tdi was the light colour seats in it, If it was black then it would of been bang on. Tdi 1.4 is nice little runner, FSH should be fine. Just make sure you don't buy one from a boy racer and make sure the camelt has been done :-)
  10. Love the curpa buddy :-) I washed mine today
  11. that what is was saying, 54 i was getting round town, low 40's when you trash it. People on curpa net also getting 75 ish about 600 mile per tank!
  12. Well I got it and wow, what a difference! Look the looks I keep getting off people haha and 65mpg :-)
  13. Looks good buddy. Yea the SE is only 1000 about isn't there? What does the leather like? I jsut brought a ibiza fr tdi same car, was looking the vrs but went for the FR, does your have 6 gears the tdi?
  14. Lol it be ok I look atfer it don't be the odd one out lol Looks like gona have to get up early haha
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