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  1. Dominicl

    Top Gear

    I've driven the Exige S - it's amazing. Even faster than my standard Exige but I'd lose my license driving it every day. If only I could afford to upgrade it .....
  2. bossjohnc Al Snoop Adam K - but will be there about 8.30 cos i have an exam till 8. Dominicl
  3. My workmate Simon Smith blew up his supercharged Toyota Celica 140 engine when he installed NOS. It made a nice sound for a short while but nothing like the noise and cacophony in the Fast & Furious film. I went to AMD about 3 yrs ago and had an Audi S3 remapped with impressive bhp and torque gains on the low pressure 1.8 turbo. Would have to agree with Dubya. No point in mucking about with Lupo engines - sort out the suspension and then take it to the track. You can only learn how to drive quickly on a trackday with an instructor. There's just too much traffic on our roads to chance i
  4. Chris, I'm not so sure Koni have stopped making the kits. Even if they have try contacting these guys. They may have old stock. I'm thinking about getting some too. http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/vw%20lupo/suspension.html Then again there's always the alternative of getting a fatter girlfriend. Big Mommas sometimes come in useful. cheers, Dominic
  5. Doh ! Just realised that there's a couple of pubs in nearby Denham just off the A40 that are both good alternatives and serve food. The "Swan" http://www.goodguides.co.uk/pubs/pubdetail..._id=-1313970815 which is a cheapish restaurant in the evening and the Falcon Inn just over the road. Parking is a bit of a pain but should be ok. A nicer area than Uxbridge and only 2 miles from the Crooked Billet.
  6. Turning point is good idea in the Summer as you can sit outside on the patio next to the canal. On no account do you want to sit inside. It's just been refurbed by a couple of gay hairdressers in lurid pink. The owner of the notorious Quackers bar/pick up joint at Little Britain lake just round the corner bought out the pub about 6 months ago and hired someone with very strange tastes to restyle it. Not sure what the food is like but the beer is ok. Not sure where else to suggest apart from the Auberge pub in Uxbridge at the far end of the high street just off the A40 right next to the Chime
  7. Hi, The White Horse is in Hedgerley.. The Good Pub guide link is off-line at the moment so here's another guide. Great beer and beautiful setting but no food in the evening which may not be to everyone's liking. http://www.beerguide.co.uk/old/towns/hedgerley.htm Postcode SL2 3UY http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?cli...Y&addr3=&addr1= Do you all tend to have dinner first then meet up ?
  8. Dominicl

    Iver Meet

    Me too. No excuses for avoiding a mid-week meet. style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":shades:" border="0" alt="shades.gif" />
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin's daughter. It must have been an awful shock. I can only hope she went quickly and didn't suffer.
  10. Thanks Nicki. I'll try to make it. You must have turbocharged your GTi to make it from Southend in 1 1/2 hours. That's quite a drive. Not sure if any of you have read the VW tuner article about the lime green Lupo GTi with an Audi S3 engine. Quite amazing what some of the tuners will do to their cars for publicity. It looked good though. Major suspension upgrades were needed to cope with 225 bhp through the front wheels.
  11. Hi Guys, I'll try and make it on my way back home from the gym in Maidenhead. What time do you guys go home ? BTW I live 2 miles from Iver and know all the best pubs in the area - at least as far as drinking is concerned ! The best venue bar none is the White Horse in Hedgerley about 6 miles due North of the Crooked Billet on the way to Farnham Common near Pinewood. Would recommend it for a future meet. cheers, Dom
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