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  1. C-DuBz

    BUG JAM 26

    Who's going? I just booked my tickets.
  2. Ur prices are very good, I better get saving!! Lol You got any pictures of finished work to show off ur talent? Chris,
  3. I always use 0 gauge power cable for boot builds so I always drill a fresh hole and use a grommet.
  4. C-DuBz


    2001 GTi, just reached 73k today
  5. C-DuBz

    C-DuBz Gti

    Finally got my reg transferred over from my van to the gti. And one of my rims half done after about 5 hours of fine sand blasting, sanding and polishing. Also went to town on the engine, cambelt, water pump, spark plugs, oil - air - polen filter, all genuine Vw parts used.
  6. C-DuBz

    Air con not working

    Now the weather is nice and hot I thought I'd make use of my air conditioning, but it doesn't work. I thought it might just need some gas, so carried out a air con service. The system wasn't low on gas at all, only about 10 grams short of the recommended 550 grams. I regassed the system with no problems and no leaks. After doing this the air con still doesn't work, the compressor cuts in when the button is switched on so that side of things is all ok. I did notice the cooling fan doesn't come on to cool the gas in the condenser though. I know there is some kind of pressure switch on the system, wondering if it could be this that's faulty. Has anybody had this fault on their GTI's Please help if you can Chris,
  7. C-DuBz

    Glow plug light flashing

    Try checking your brake lights dude
  8. C-DuBz

    MOT query.

    Koop, I wish I could. It would be a dream come true if I could test all the nice looking loop's on here. Silver, this is true. But nobody from VOSA told me about it, I herd it was gonner happen and today I decided to have a look coz I read JensonLEi's post. Chances are most mot testers will miss this for quite a while. You could take the bulb out and say the car has no srs ( safety restraint system ) fitted at all. If the cars not fitted with it it can't be tested for it.
  9. C-DuBz

    MOT query.

    I've just read up on the air bag bit, it says, "As far as practicable, check that all airbags fitted as original equipment are present and not obviously defective" This to me would mean if ur car came with a airbag it will need it to pass, but then under the reasons for rejection bit it says, "An airbag obviously missing or defective" So if you have a wheel fitted that is ment to have a airbag but it's not there then this would be obvious. Personally, as an mot tester myself, I'd only fail a car if it had a wheel fitted that was ment to have a airbag but it wasn't there. Very OBVIOUS!!
  10. C-DuBz

    C-DuBz Gti

    Just got these today. Time for a custom referb, polished lips and painted centres. Got to order some bbs badges and tyres, was thinking 165/45/15 or maybe 40's
  11. C-DuBz

    C-DuBz Gti

    So I've had my gti about a month now and thought I start my own build thread. Heres what she looked like a week before i bought her in the showroom. And a couple parked next to my caddy, My first mod was the head unit, removed the tape and cd units and fitted a Pioneer AVH-4400BT Then after doing a bit of research and talking to Alex "Fatttty" I bought his mk6 golf R steering wheel. Here it is all fitted. Next on my list will be some KW V1 inox coilovers, got to get some lows on the go.
  12. C-DuBz

    20v 1.8T Project Dyno: 520bhp 590nm

    Just read your whole thread, that is some workmanship there! You must of spent a small fortune, keep up the good work.
  13. C-DuBz

    German style plates

    I know, but now I have the gti the van is off the road. Time for a log book change and reg transfer, then I'll keep the plates for show use only. No more taking chances for me, don't want the hassle either.
  14. C-DuBz

    Porsche Teledials Adapters?????

    I'm pretty sure the thinnest you can get is 20mm, coz the wheel has to bolt to it.
  15. C-DuBz

    German style plates

    Oh and the van is still registered white lol

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