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  1. So, last weekend my lupo decided to overheat to erratic amounts which included me burning my thumb! 1) i drained and flushed the sysem 2) replaced stat 3)when driving it will sit on 90 until you give it some it decides to rise towards the 110 mark, but i put the heaters on full whack it goes back to 90?!?! so im puzzled..is it the waterpump? Stat sensor? Huge air lock? Headgasket? Thanks for any comments and feedback as im missing the lupo as its sat on my drive now
  2. It was just a thought tbh, maybe not then!
  3. How hard is this going to be? I know I need to ditch the spare wheel well. Cheers for any help!
  4. yeah fair enough. think im going to find myself some Golf Recaros then
  5. so is it only mk4 golf ones? what about rears? just build my own setup for the back?
  6. Just wondering if somebody could shed some light, which seats fit into a lupo... Sorry in advance if this has been asked before...im used to polo's and golf's..new to the lupo circle Cheers!
  7. I will take this..when can I pick up..07800864302 text me:)
  8. I know they will..I will make them fit, bit of persuasion and lube and anything will fit ;-)
  9. **** a duck with the front sitting like that!!
  10. Soooo, has anyone got a picture of a lupo on them? Or just tell me the amount of arch rolling i'm going to need to do! haha Cheers!
  11. Interested in a mk2 golf with cash your way??
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