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  1. That is fair enough all though I doubt if the oil that screws the gearboxs up but the cheaper materials they use. But I do agree with the sdi being old school therefore rules don't apply. I don't know which gearbox the sdi runs but the 02j box is much much better than the one fitted to the 1.4 sports. I'd probably do the same with the sdi but use the vw stuff with the 02j.
  2. Sorry I meant stick with the vw stuff. I'm not a fan of changing viscosity in gearboxes. Viscosity is only one part of it. I can remember on another car I had people where using just whatever but GL5 was damaging the syncros some how and it should have only ever been used with GL4. An extreme example but I personally just think stick with the vw stuff it's cheap for what it is anyways.
  3. A manual could be fitted.
  4. It's all the same really. I know what your saying but if you can get air in and out faster and make a bigger bang with more fuel it's all the same. Even simple stuff like egrs on tdi's will cripple them. Envision, noise, cost and legislation and laws stop cars being what they should be like really.
  5. I personally would go for anything other than the vw stuff but that's up to yourself.
  6. You never seen a k20 or an F20C Your right but there is always exceptions to the rule. Most OEM's as said are trying to keep everyone happy but most cars can be improved upon quite easily. Either way these tdi's aren't tuned like petrol turbos are.
  7. Don't use a allen key lol you will never get it done. Use a hex with a breaker bar. Try to spray it with some proper penetration fluid first though. Also don't undo the bottom one until you have undone the top one. If you open the bottom one and can't get the top one undone you got a useless car on your hands.
  8. Well because most of these cars come from Japan and they have strict laws about noise and emmisons. The FQ's are jdm cars but modded by Mitsu UK with bigger hks exhaust etc etc. that's the only way to get to 360+. Cars are built to a cost. All of them from a lupo to a maybach. Profit is their game and they would cut corners where possible. Why aren't exhausts made of stainless steel?
  9. Most lupos and arosa run 02J EXB gearboxes. Your car just be the exception with 02T. Fill till oil comes out the fill hole IMO.
  10. Yes it's hydraulic. When was your oil last changed on the gearbox? Check the linkages? If none of those it's on it's way out.
  11. Isn't it a 02j? I'll check when I'm at home. I'm sure I got mine from somewhere and it fit fine.
  12. I've heard "pulsing" is quite important on N/A's. On turbos reduce any restriction IMO better and faster spool up. The point I'm trying to make is petrol turbo tuning is not diesel turbo tuning. Petrol N/A tuning isn't turbo diesel tuning. Skezza I'll maybe agree for N/A cars but not for turbos. OEM's want a nice sound nothing too loud. Wack a huge pipe in and do some other mods and the car will spool faster, make more power and be more responsive. A guy I know had an evo. Running 400ish bhp. One day it just started running pants. Turns out the pipe had gotten squashed and was restricting fl
  13. A quick example. A filter for an evo with a 4g63 that needs a better filter to hit roughly 400/400. K&n filter size 157mm by 127mm or 15.7cm high and 12.7 cm across. A lupo tdi filter 25.2cm high by 10.1cm. A much much larger surface area.
  14. Filters can make a difference especially when tuning higher performance cars no doubt, but only on petrols. Diesels are designed to run lean. I can bet you any money my filter on my 1.4 tdi is bigger than the one on your 1.8t (not a contest just trying to explain). I get that when your running a petrol car and you start pushing the bhp a *properly* designed intake can net you power. I get that but not on the tdi IMO. The filter on this car is the roughly the same size as a 6 cylinder 330d engine. Remember diesels run lean and fill with air each stroke so it's using a hell of a lot more air th
  15. Your doing some good studying on the tdi with your filter "relocation" and keeping your lambda on your tdi. Good work.
  16. I never got a chance to if the intercooler kit yet but I have experimented with spraying it with water and if does 100% work. Lol that's great. I didn't notice much of a difference in mind but I've been running 2 stroke with mine for a while. It's always the way though you get more results from a badly treated engine.
  17. I don't know if it is for the turbo per say but I'm sure that is one the aspects of it heat and sheer force. I'm sure it was to do with the cams as they control the injectors but need really good oil to stop them ground down. But don't quote me on that. Also you can use the newer oil if you can get it 506 or 507 in the pd but it's usually more expensive. Also remember the cp4l codes that gets you £5,£10 or £15 off.
  18. I don't think you get the joke. But ok. Skezza did you ever try the water decarbonisation?
  19. In the paint shop with any luck. Why would you do that? looks like you crashed it and didn't spray it right.
  20. That is a little contentious. Some people say the central bore is only there to line it up and others say it's a load bearing part and it needs to be spot on. I personally don't agree as most spigot rings are plastic but it depends on what you believe. I personally think the nuts or lugs take the weight therefore bore it with something and stick a spigot in as silver says.
  21. no oil came up from that link. http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/accessories-engine-oil/engine-oils/engine-oil/5w40-engine-oil/?521776081&0&cc5_248that is what you need.
  22. Most companies make the right oil for the tdi so long as it is 505.01. Just get it from cp4l.
  23. Agree. Although the most important factor in a tdi is getting the pd505.01 oil Is it0.1 or just 505 i cant remember but get the right oil. Try to go for the best company you can on cp4l.
  24. Not true, try doing a water decarbonisation. You spray a crap ton of water in with no ill effects, plus it's got a hell of a way to go. But getting your filter soaked with water wont help performance. Super lol where do you think the filter on the tdi is? You know best though. Water spray is 100% the way to go. Intercooler will make the car laggier due to the larger size. The turbo is only small. But your 100% right in the way diesels work. The filter is massive on these tiny engines.
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