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  1. Hi all an update , i had new valve guides fitted, and head skimmed ,and i lapped in the new valves ,and also fitted new stem seals to all valves, also fitted a new water pump ,new gaskets etc and its running a treat, feels better than it used to ,even for a low miler really pleased with it, a few pics of the head etc included. Thanks for all your input and help etc.
  2. Stripped out the damaged exhaust valves all 8 of them , they were pretty badly bent, the seats aren't damaged ,since doing a leakdown test on the undamaged inlet valves and finding they could do with lapping in etc, i did them tonight and all that is left is to get the exhaust valves done. i've checked the guides and they will be getting changed in due course too.
  3. Cheers guys , i haven't removed the valves yet , i rung my local vw parts dealer and the valves are virtually £ 20 each so with 8 being replaced (and everything else needed ) it gets expensive. I can source valves cheaper elsewhere and do it myself ,but i think i'll put the head in to a proper head repairers i have found locally, and have the guides checked /replaced etc,i don't want to put it all back together and find problems. I have rebuilt other engines before in the past , just not vw's . And the engine wasn't taken apart by me due to a vw specialist locally charging £650 just to strip it, replace the water pump and belts and quote me another grand to put it right, i pulled the car out of the garage after deciding im getting ripped off, They even offered to wright the bill off so they could keep the car as they liked it ! , i would have done the work myself originally, but due to work commitments i have so little time apart from evenings to do the work,and now im left with a box of bits to put back together. Thanks for all your help and input . I'll update when things move on.
  4. Thanks for you help guys, i'll look into a SH head ,i've managed to track down the correct valves at german and swedish, the valves are 8 -9 quid a pop plus head set etc etc works out roughly around the £ 160 mark with everything i'd need . Do i have to change the valve guides or could i get away with just changing the valves ? Obviously its a lot more work than a second hand head but just exploring all the avenues. Thanks again.
  5. Had a look at the head today and apart from the bent exhaust valves it looks ok, the only potential problem i noticed was that there are lightish marks on one of the exhaust cam lobes on number 1, looks like it was clouted by the top of the valve stem when the belt snapped, its a very slight indentation on the lobe but im wondering if the cam has been damaged, but it appears ok. Would i have to change the valve guides if i replace the damaged valves ? or can i just change the valves ? I've checked the head for damage and all i can find are scratch marks when the rockers were dislodged and scratched against the inside of the cam carrier not bad but marked. Also i could swear there is a little more resistance ( only slight) ,when turning the exhaust cam over by hand ,the inlet cam just seems smoother to turn to me . Part of me says rebuild it with new valves head gasket etc, but im worried in case the cam lets go in future . All the inlet valves are seemingly untouched ,but i did a leak down test and one valve is letting by ,so i'd have to whip it out in theory and regrind it etc.. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  6. Well took the car to a garage , they put a new belt ,water pump etc and timed it and tried to turn it over by hand,and it wouldn't. Every exhaust valve has hit the pistons lightly and bent the valves. (Really F**ked off that we put the car in to have the cambelt done properly 2 years ago and the twonk didnt change the smaller belt) So a huge bill so far, and they say put a recon head on, as its not worth repairing the old one (as its easier for them) . I don't have a garage at my house so repairing it will be a massive pain in the neck having to do it out on the street. Think i'll have to pay the bill the wrong side of £600 and either do it myself sometime or sell it as it is .. I could look for another engine to fit but not sure its worth it the car isn't worth any more than £2000 before this i would have thought, only done 63,000 but with a f**ked engine now .
  7. Oh ok thanks, probably worth putting another belt on and doing a compression test first. Apparently it was a low speed when the belt snapped .
  8. Hi folks , the wife went out in the lupo today and the small belt that times the cams snapped. We did have the main belt changed last year but appears the mechanic didn't change both belts. What sort of damage am i looking at ? will all the valves be bent ? and what sort of cost to have it repaired do you think. ? Really peed as the car has been looked after really well . Cheers .
  9. Ours is jazz blue a 1.4 E/S the roof is great never had a problem ,and noise on the motorway is minimal . Nippy too.
  10. Cheers for the replies probably sell private when the time comes .
  11. Forgot to say now quavers i might consider . lol
  12. Thanks its a 1.4 s and is clean but has a small scuff on front bumper but pretty much immaculate everywhere else. Im wondering about part ex possibly due to her wanting an audi auto but value wont be great with px.
  13. Sorry should have said its a 99 late (T) in jazz blue. Cheers for the offer but i hate wotsits.
  14. Hi all anyone have any idea on the value of my wife's lupo openroof 1.4 16v it has 39 k on the clock and was last serviced by a vw dealer around 2 years ago since then it has been serviced every 3k it has alloys 14'' . Were thinking of poss trade in for an auto. Cheers in advance for any info.
  15. Tested the unit once i got it out, tried it with different aerial and still no joy,so went out and bought a new sony stereo with cd player yay !! sounds great now
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