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  1. Looking for a Lupo GTI gearbox. Preferably 6speed, but would consider a 5 Wanting one ready to fit with not too high mileage and smooth changes. Cheers
  2. Are you interested in selling the gearbox seperately?

  3. I was in the same situation last year, was saving up for a 10-22mm but as a student don't have a regular income. Ended up goin for the sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 due to money. I'm sure the canon is a little better, but the sigma is very good for the money and would highly recommend. The f/4-5.6 model is even cheaper, I could easily live without the wider aperture as i use the lens for landscapes, couple of my mates use f/4-5.6 and also rate it very highly. have a quick look at my flickr if you want a look at some sample images: http://www.flickr.co...otos/jamesgill/ nearly all of the photo's taken wi
  4. Walney Island, Cumbria just after sunset
  5. I already took onboard the advice, I can edit my own pics thanks
  6. I agree it's a little too bright, wouldn't say it's a step too far, it just needs toning down a little. I'm using a mac, looks completely different on a PC or other monitors.
  7. Lupo GTI light painted, was a bit rushed so gonna have another crack at this shot soon
  8. Brand New Boxed & Factory sealed iPhone 4S, Black, 16GB £460 posted, based in Manchester Payment via Paypal RRP £499 For more info contact james.gill3@me.com
  9. Lupo GTI Lightpainted by JamesGill, on Flickr
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