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  1. Lol ok cool . Like I said didn't see it had been that long since last post and just wanted to put some pictures of the missus car up to see what people thought of it.
  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry lads didn't even see it had been that long since last post. My bad .
  3. God damn I'm glad you set it off

  4. Can someone delete this for me please it's in the wrong place I've put it in wanted where it should be. Sorry. Thanks . Dave
  5. Looking for the whole centre vent from an arosa need it all up to the screen as in the picture below . Need it posting as the country is on lockdown lol . If any has one that there willing send . Send me the price you want with postage to NN1 5 . Thanks . Dave
  6. Look for the whole vent set ie the part that holds the radio and goes all the way up to windscreen. If anyone has the complete bit let me know . Will have to have it delivered as the country is on lockdown lol . So price with delivery to NN1 5 . thanks. Dave
  7. Tbh with the headlights split easy so easy just put them in the oven for 5 minutes the indicators were a whole other story but I did them the same way but I ran a Stanley blade around the edge a few time but put them back in the oven ever time till the split took some time put was worth it I think . Ye the silver **** is crap as you say I just sanded it away in the indicators just leaving the rear reflector bit there and painted them black by hand and the headlights once you have them apart the front lip part is separate to the rear reflector so it becomes 3 pieces . Your right about the centre covers so I hard touched them I literally dropped the badge on with tweezers then just tapped it with my thumb to make just it was stuck down but I also put a damp of super glue on the back of the badge and left it over night to dry before I put them all back together. Thanks. Dave
  8. This is my missus 1.4 16v 75bhp lupo . It was completely standard when we got it and done all the work myself . Thanks . Dave
  9. Thanks bud . The bumpers are standard bumpers just had them fully colour coded as for the front lights I split the headlights and joeyed them ie painted them black inside I also but a little red VW badge from a mk4 golf key on the bulb covers just for fun really . Lol yes we have mats in it now make a big difference. Here is a picture of the lights back together and standard bumpers just colour coded as I said . Thanks for the input . Dave
  10. Yes your right I could have brought a GTI but it's my missus first car so insurance is not cheap as it is . It's not a 1 litre it's a 1.4.16v 75bhp . Tbh honest mate as long as she is happy with it money dont really matter bud . She likes its and had he input into the mods so happy days in my eyes thanks for saying it's nice tho and for the input all appreciated. Dave
  11. So this is my missus car that I brought her to learn to drive in in fact i swapped it for a set of Mercedes amg wheels i had for my mk4 golf but didn't like the look of them on the car . So it started out as you see in the first 2 pictures and I spent a bit of time and money on it for her so she had something respectable to drive around in . We brought it at the end of 2018 December till for her Christmas present and by edition 38 2019 it look like the last few pictures. Just thought I'd say hello and show you all her car to see what you all think . There are few more bits I want to do to it for ie stainless centre exit , black glitter roof , 6n2 glovebox , arosa centre dash vents oh and were having GTI clocks put it in 2 weeks times . Thanks for looking . Dave
  12. GAME

    Lupo coilovers

    Need asap lupo coilovers . Fronts only or a whole set as close to Northampton as possible. Cash wait . Thanks . Dave
  13. Hi people . I need a drivers door with out a rub strip but mint please and the panel that goes across the front to hold the indicators in place in flat black for my lupo if anyone can help . As close to Northampton if poss but will travel a bit for them . Thanks. Dace
  14. Bounce like you got hydrolics in your g string

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