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  1. recently my arosa has been very difficult to start after turning it off and leaving it for a few minutes, it just keeps turning over and not starting, i was also driving yesterday and it just cut out. Ran diagnostics today and got 17672 PD Injector unit: cylinder 2 regulation range exceeded could this be causing my issues or is that irrelevant ?
  2. Was told today it could be a 'fuel inertia switch' does anyone know if an arosa has one of these and if so where is it located
  3. Brt900

    Scangauge not working

    there's a scangauge 2 which is physically larger and shows 4 values instead of 2 like this small version. i'm thinking it could be a fuse which is causing no power to be sent to the gauge
  4. Just got myself a scangauge e to measure my mpg, I tried it in my arosa and it wouldn't even turn on, I tried it in my sisters citreon c2 and it worked fine. Anyone have any ideas why it isn't working?
  5. Brt900

    Scangauge not working

    It was working when i had it plugged into my laptop a few days ago, seems as if it doesn't like the scangauge, quite annoying
  6. heard a lot of issues regarding injector wiring issues and also glow plugs so gunna change the glow pugs first as they're cheap, if the problem persists then injectors it is
  7. Brt900

    Racing sims

    anyone on here use any of the lesser known racing sims on pc. Rfactor iRacing Live For Speed GTR 2 GT Legends Been playing them a few years on pc, mainly live for speed, would be neat to race online sometime with some people from CL. my setup:
  8. Brt900

    Reflex Lupo GTi new toy

    looks like the one that was on ebay for iirc £1600
  9. bought this from max on here, it's a 52 reg arosa. advert reproduced below. Description including modifications: Bodywork - Totally repainted in factory colour & bodywork smoothed inc rear bootlock removed, 3rd brakelight removed, swagelines removed, side repeaters removed, passenger doorlock removed, bumpers totally smoothed. Cambridge (smoked) rear GTI lights fitted, opening rear quarter lights fitted (original fixed included if required), rear wiper removed (will be included), aero wiper arms & blades fitted to front. Bonrath debadged grill fitted (also have set of one-off custom grilles to be included). Interior - Lupo GTI Heated Leather interior (not wired in), airbag removed & leather steering wheel fitted (original included), Golf GTI leather gearknob & gaitor, silver trim kit, lower dash & centre console colour coded to body, TT/GTI alloy pedals. Interior sound deadened with 5 layers of dynamat extreme in the front doors & rear quarters, 3 layers in bootlid, floor also deadened using matting & luxury underlay. Engine - Remapped to approx 116bhp - 176lb/ft torque, with full handbuilt stainless longlife exhaust system, BMC induction filter. Cambelt, tensioners & associated parts replaced at 70k, also replaced the water pump as all the belts were off (wasn't required though). Oil & filter changed at 68k, Engine cover body colur coded. Suspension - Recently overhauled at 68k replacing front top mounts, lower ball joints, lower wishbones, steering arms & steering joints. KW Variant 2 coilover adjustable rear shocks & spring fitted (will include a set of FK spring & mounts), FK silverline coilovers fitted to front (for winter use) & KW2 variant 2 coilovers included for the summer (too good to ruin with the crap british winter). Brakes - Fully overhauled at 70K with new compensator valve, total system flush, rear shoes & new front pads fitted. Fronts discs fitted at 65k are drilled, grooved & vented. Stereo: Sony head unit, standard speakers will be put back in. Wheels: Artec PA repainted in super chrome (not actually chrome) Bad points: The boot release can stick at times (I am working to fix this), has a couple of chips in the driver doorwell where I closed the door on the seatbelt, The drivers mat has a hole in it from my heel! Other than that its sweet! Having owned this car for nearly 8yrs now I've decided that I've taken it as far as I possibly can & am now looking for a new project, probably of the Bavarian variety. There is lots of paperwork & receipts to go with this car, although the service stamps only go up to around 38k as I've done 90% of the work myself being a trained mechanic. The car has had an oil & filter change every 10k (I get it free so why not!) & as this has always been a daily driver I've not scrimped on anything so that its runs & drives properly, & if its need to be replaced I've always used genuine VAG parts where possible. Being a TDI it's easy to get 70MPG on a motorway run & also high figures round town, drivability has been improved imensly by the remap & tuning & the newly reconditoned brakes are scarily good (recently managed to lock up the fronts at 70mph!). I dont get on here much these days but will try to check back as & when possible. Any questions please ask Pictures: only changes since the advert have been that i don't have the kw's as i wanted the car a bit cheaper, instead it has fk rear springs with lupo gti shockers. also i changed the aerial as i couldn't receive any radio stations. few more pics:
  10. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    Few things in november, Got some HID xenon lights for it after a bulb blew 12 months MOT after it failed on wheel bearing, rear shock and a track rod end Also gave him a name 'Harold'
  11. Brt900

    Spotted in Preston

    Spotted 2 lupos in Preston today, a yellow one lowered on black wheels near the library and Adelphi and a red one on the ring way
  12. Brt900

    Dave's Yellow 1.0 (Bee) Lupo

    nice little motor you got there, really like the interior work
  13. Brt900

    Spotted in Preston

    i've seen your loop round quite a bit, and i'm from wigan but am studying motorsport at uclan
  14. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    my cars decided it's doing movember
  15. Brt900

    Low vw lupo 1.0L

    absolutly stunning, great work!
  16. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    i knew i'd uploaded the unedited version damn it XD
  17. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    parking eye did a very nice gesture in sending me a lovely picture of my car, how nice of them
  18. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    took the rear adjusters out to get them unseized, whilst they was out i wound the fronts down and went for a drive with a friend and his dslr. pics are here https://www.facebook...17169549&type=3
  19. Suddenly today my indicators have stopped working, if I indicate I then get no lights on the dashboard and my rear sidelight of the side I'm indicating comes on, also my heated seats lights come on. My hazard switch works fine though.
  20. Brt900

    RC Cars

    I was thinking of getting into some fifth scale action, had my eye on a losi 5ive but after car repairs gunna have to put that idea on hold for a few months
  21. hi, after refitting my sump i have somehow lost two of the bolts and need to get some more does anyone have the specs of these bolts or a vw part number?
  22. i've heard you can fit the pd 150 turbo and manifold but just cut a branch off the manifold and weld it up
  23. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    Student loan has completely gone and I didn't even do it XD paid someone to do it all
  24. Brt900

    Greetings car park fans!

    welcome, i have a grey arosa tdi and i currently live in wigan, hope to see you around sometime
  25. Brt900

    Pauls not so smooth grey TDI

    lost a u-bolt off my exhaust so currently it sounds like a right tank XD

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