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  1. Many thanks once again for the diagrams, photo and information. LR5V - I assume you had a lot of masking off to do when powder coating the spacers. Regards Chris
  2. Thanks yeha, Still just not sure in this "sandwich" of parts where the splash guard comes. It looks to me like the splash guard fixes/wraps "around" the stub axle. Does the stub axle have to be removed to gain access to the splash guard mounting bolts? I was expecting the stub axle to mount directly to the stub axle mounting plate (16) and then other holes on this plate to take the bolts for the splash guard. If this is the case then I should be able to leave the stub axle in place. Cheers Chris
  3. Thanks LR5V for the info. Further VW reading shows some cars with the need to remove the rear hubs/bearings to "pass" the new guard over. You have confirmed this to be the case with the Lupo. Can the new guard be carefully modified/cut to "slide" over the hub so avoiding the need to remove it? Not prefect I guess but a far simpler job. I do have a very crusty beam and plan to clean that up in situ. Maybe I should consider a complete rear end strip down over the Winter. Sounds like a BIG job though. How big a job is it to remove the complete beam and then do the clean up and new guards all off the car? Are there any exploded diagrams showing the rear axle setup? Thanks Chris
  4. Dear All, The time has come to replace the rear brake splash guards on my 04 GTI. One has become completely detached and I have removed the remains of it. I assume running the car for a few weeks is ok without the splash guard? After a bit of research I believe the order of tasks is... 1. remove wheel 2. remove caliper (strap up to avoid brake pipe strain) 3. remove pads 4. remove caliper mounting bracket 5. remove disc 6. now I should be able to remove the splash guard remains Can you confirm the above sequence is correct? Do I need to adjust the handbrake? Going to just put back the current disc and pads, they were newed not too long ago. Do I need to do anything else? Thanks in advance for any advice. Regards Chris
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Silver - you WILL need to unpack and use them sometime otherwise you'll have sold the car with them still new :-) I note this company have both round and oval fixings listed, plus different mats for the GTI compared to non-GTI. https://simplycarmats.co.uk/volkswagen-lupo-car-mats-2550-2609.htm Their rear mats don't show any fixings. Anybody else any other recommendations? Regards Chris
  6. Hi All, (Please feel free to move this topic to a more specific category.) I've searched the forum and see a few suggestions for suppliers for Lupo mats. The threads are quite old so I thought I would ask again to get up to date recommendations. Personally I need black with red piping for a GTI but I guess those reading this might want alternatives. So any sourcing suggestions? Good or perhaps ones to avoid. Mine have the quarter turn floor fasteners on both front and rear mats. Thanks in advance Chris
  7. Thanks mk2 for your comprehensive comments. I will check the lead/connector you mention. Dealer didn't charge me for the new presure switch nor supposed re-gas. But I am loosing confidence in this main dealer now. I need engineers who diagnose and fix - not technicians who just read fault codes and change parts, fingers crossed. If I find anything I'll update you all. Regards Chris
  8. Hello All, Here's a photo of the ABS manifold connector on my Lupo GTI (2004). I see there's no cover/shroud over the individual wires. Should there be one? Can you compare to your GTI and see if I'm missing a cover please? The loom is very tight here so not sure how you could get a cover on but it just looks odd without one. Much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  9. I share your pain but not yet your cost! Sorry to hear that. I can't recall the specific VW fault code for low pressure switch fault, but that's what they said it was and went ahead to drain, change switch and re-fill gas. No EML on. I would assume that a faulty switch would act like being in low pressure and stop the compressor from being enabled in the first place. Yours does enable so I doubt the low pressure switch is faulty. Also surely Volksline would have checked the A/C system on your using VAGCOM first. Your system is performing "better" than mine, in that you do have clutch engaugement and rad fan running when you press the A/C switch - if I understand your notes correctly. If your system is full of gas then how come it's not cold? Don't undetstand that, particularly after a new compressor. Any ideas? Did changing the fan control relay make any difference to the system? Where did you get the replacement from and what part number? I'm making space in the garage for the car to try and diagnose further so will update this thread with any news - it could be weeks, but I will report back. Interesting reading... http://www.gti-vr6.net/wiki/index.php?title=Fault_diagnosis_in_the_Fan_Control_Module Hopefully we might be able to give each other clues! Best of luck. Thanks Chris
  10. The VW dealer definitely had to re-gas after changing the pressure switch. They wouldn't look at any other cause for the system not working until they'd changed the switch and removed the fault code. So they did the switch change, it removed the fault code but sadly still no clutch engaugement. My system is holding gas pressure ok - they confirmed that. My next job is to look at the fan control module - I want to double check the rad fan runs if the engine gets too hot, since I understand this module controls that as well as running the fan if the A/C is enabled. This module also engauges the A/C compressor clutch - which is not happening on my car. Does your A/C compressor clutch engauge? Did it do that before you changed the fan control module? Thanks Chris
  11. Main VW dealer only found low air pressure switch fail code, replaced switch but still no clutch pull in on compressor. Next is to look at fan relay module. inide - i'll do as you suggest and get in through wheel arch, removing liner. Did you get yours working again? Regards Chris
  12. Hi All, I've searched on here and lots of other VW forums for advice on why my Air Con no longer engauges the compresssor pump. Radiator fan doesn't come on either. The A/C switch does light up. (not sure if the rad fan comes on when engine hot, I need to check that out too) VW garage read fault codes and replaced the gas low pressure switch, but still not working. System has been re-gased and is holding pressure. Golf MK4 forums speak of a fuse 16 that feeds the Fan Control Unit "1J0 919 506 K" located just behind the n/s headlight. Any ideas which fuse this is in the Lupo GTI? I've checked the small fuse box in the engine bay (near washer bottle) - all ok. I suspect at the moment the FCU is faulty/corroded. What's the best way to get at this unit? From the top or bottom? And is there enough slack on the loom to remove it from its mounting bracket to get at the terminals easier? Unless you have other ideas why the A/C isn't engauging. Thanks all, Chris
  13. Hi All, Recently changed both drivers door elec window switches. I reset both "one touch" i.e. full up or full down single press functions and they now worked ok. A few days later this option no longer working. Reset again and all ok. It's done this a few times now. How's this function stored and any ideas on why it keeps "forgetting"? This is a 2004 GTI. Thanks Chris
  14. thanks for your efforts here Dale, it's nice to have you back to keep our aging motors on the road! I'll just check my TO DO list tonight, see if there's anything else needed then get some paypal credit off to you with info etc. regards Chris
  15. yes wiring exposed on connecter, all working ok but father in law thought it was unusual not to have a waterproof cover. maybe the cover comes as part of the full connector? thanks
  16. Hi Dale - thanks for the reply. I have purchased from you before - didn't know you were back supplying, that's good news. Can you also supply the plastic cover that protects the wires going to the ABS pump? I assume there should be one? Mine's mssing, maybe damaged by garage sometime in the past and not replaced. Regards Chris
  17. Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before but my GTI driver's door electric window switch is in need of replacing. Poor contacts, I've tried repairing several times and they work for a few months but I think it's time to replace them now. Do you have to buy the complete switch / central locking housing or can the switches be bought separately? I have removed them previously so know you should be able to replace just the switch but guess VW will only sell the complete unit. Are there any alternative switches that fit the housing? Thanks in advance, Regards Chris
  18. Thanks all for the suggestions. Jump started the car, after a little delay it fired up ok with strong fuel smell out of exhaust, which disappeared after a few mins. Guess that was due to all the times I'd previously tried to start it. Engine ran fine thereafter. Treated it to a new battery (previous one at least 11 years old). Not missed a beat since over the last few days. Could the ECU detect low battery voltage and inhibit starting even though there was enough juice in there to crank it over? Unlike an older car where it probably would have fired eventually? Trying to get an OBD reader to work with my GTI to hopefully read fault codes and see if "bat low" is one of them - or if something else is still intermittent. Guy at work lnet me his VAG-COM so that should work ok I guess. Regards Chris
  19. Hello All, I appreciate this is difficult to give exact advice but any ideas why my GTI won't start? This morning ok. Moved car short distance (20yds) to get another car out of garage, reversed it back. 12 hours later came home GTI won't start. Open driver's door and fuel pump primes as normal. Engine turns over but no life at all. Going to investigate tomorrow evening but if you have any thoughts of what could be possible cause it will help. Also going to borrow VAG diag reader - will that help me in this case? Thanks in advance Chris Hargreaves
  20. Just seen the dates for 2014 - we should be there, pop us on the list. Couldn't make 2013 but met a few of you back at Heves in 2012 - silver GTI S22 *** check your photos. Looking forward to it. I'll start cleaning the old girl ready for her 10th birthday in March and the meet in June. Chris
  21. Came out of Pizza Express in Ilkely, West Yorks, last night to find another Silver GTI parked next to ours. Y797 GAX Are you on here? Regards Chris
  22. Dear All, I've got Air Con problems on the GTI and wondered if anybody seen this before or got any ideas. Last couple weeks or so occasionally when unlocking the car I've noticed the AC button has been illuminated, dimly, not as bright as when it's on. This is just unlocking the car using the remote, door still shut and no keys in ignition. Light went off after starting car. Car drives normal. I didn't think much about it but in last few days now when you start the car the main rad coolling fan starts up immediately and begins "hunting" - slow, fast, slow, fast every couple of seconds. the only way to get it to run at a steady speed is to turn the AC on using the button. AC appears to work ok. If I turn the AC off again then the fan speed beings to hunt again, slow, fast etc. Turn ignition off and fan stops, thank goodness! Any ideas? Are we looking at a wiring fault or temp sensor fault? I took the car to the main dealers and guess what? When I got there it stopped doing it yesterday. Came to the car again this morning and it started hunting again. Typical. Am going back to main dealers again but just wondered if anybody had any thoughts? Much appreciated, Regards Chris Hargreaves
  23. Sorry if this has been asked before or if the info is on here somewhere but could somebody advise me how easy or not it is to change GTI Xenon headlight bulbs? Is there a "how to"? Thanks all Chris Hargreaves
  24. Hi "Silver" and all the other guys from Up't North. Thanks for the chats during the day and lots of info. Great photos too. Haven't seen that many GTIs in one place before - great to compare! Our car definitely drove home faster!!!! Will look out for you at other VW shows. Regards Chris and Sue - Silver GTI "S22 UEG"
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