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  1. I was checking out some peoples cars on CL and i came across this and stole the idea they came out really good. It ooks way dark on the pictures, it is much lighter in life!
  2. Thank you sooo much Gti conversion here i come
  3. I have a sport, can I use my sport manifold, engine mounts, drive shafts ect? What other parts will I need apart from loom, ecu and engine?
  4. Yeah It only takes 5 mins to get down, bit more tricky to get back in place
  5. Oh right fair enough it makes sense. It's hard to get a sport engine but someone is selling a engine and ecu on club lupo, think he's called rich? You should pm him.
  6. Yeah the Jesus handles need to come off, it helps if you have a friend with you to support the roof lining or it will fold and crumple. I was lucky when I stripped all the interior because I didn't break one clip
  7. If you're going through the hassle Of a engine conversion I'd get a polo gti engine, couldn't you go down that route instead?
  8. Ahh right. I don't know anyone who has turbo'd a lupo sdi
  9. Congratulations Steve Wilson And Lauren Hill.....Hopefully It Will Be A Boy :)

  10. haha. you have an excuse, your a stripped out race machine! if your car was doing 41 mpg you wouldn't be winning any races lol. the thing is my car is compleaty stock apart from being stripped out of everything in the rear. oh and silly porsche wheels. i except the tyre psi isnt helping having 40 all around. Right now im idolizing your car right now i want a race lupo
  11. No ive never ran it out of fuel ha, but i do get the red light on. even if i still wait for the red light i would of done 180 milesish..still doesn't equivalate that i'm still down around 100 miles per tank :? It may sound anal but my caar normally gets serviced ever 8'000, but i service it every 4'000. probably no point but its a piece of mind Yeah i normally fill up before i get down to 3/4 or 1/2 because i get depressed about having used s much fuel and i haven't drove any where. Yeah thats right. i dont know why i'm complaining about because i know when i bought the car is wasnt going to compare to a hybrid or anything ha! im just shocked because my old lupo sdi i could last 4 days before filling up now i have to full up every day/2 days. (using half a tank.) Thanks for the speedy reply guys
  12. What's The Difference Between Killing Time And Killing Niggerz?

    You Can Only Kill So Much Time.

  13. i just found out on a website a volkswagen lupo sport should be doing 41MPG (parkers website stats and figures). I just worked out on a 34 liter fuel tank what a sport has doing 41 MPG should make 306.63 miles per tank. i know many years have gone past and the engine is on approximatively 80'000 but in the past 4 months i've owned my sport the best i've had is approximatively 216miles before the red light has came on? ive tried to drive eco as my nan would drive but nothing? anyone else had the same problem or cures?
  14. Hahahaha i wish i was there! its soo funny watching people bounce around ....or am i just weird haha!
  15. Ha it only takes 5 mins to get the speedo clocks out and the light pulled out! Lol
  16. I have no idea, it seames kinda dodgy, just rip the light out from the dash?
  17. If you go under the passengers side dash unplug the big yellow plug, but the airbag light will illuminate
  18. My old lupo air bags went bang in my face for being too low! Not a nice experience ha!
  19. I love seeing cars coming the opposite way to me bouncing .
  20. It's like a rattly bang it's hard to explain. Thank you very much! Just what I need. Ill go home tonight and try all of these
  21. Are you looking for fuel economy or are you looking for more power? I feel where you're coming from I've had a 1.7sdi lmao!
  22. So the new game in my lupo is 'where is that awful noise coming from'. Since i bought my lupo there has been a noise coming from the rear. I finally plucked up the confidence to strip the everything out of the rear and now the noise is pretty loud! I thought it was the boot when you shut it so I wrapped insulation tape around the silver metal latch and that wasn't the answer....anyone got any answers it could be? Unfortunately no winning prize lol
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