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  1. i am selling my v-maxx coilovers if you are intrested mate
  2. have sold my lupo and now i am selling the V-maxx coilovers that i had in my lupo for about 8 months. The coilovers are in great shape and was just wanting some help for a price to sell them at... many thanks darren
  3. still cant get the top part off google image link its the very top vent that does the windscreen clearing i just cant get it off and dont want to break it some one please save my day ahha many thanks darren
  4. ok thanks will give it a go haha will give me something to do ahah Many thanks darren
  5. yeah just sent you a text mate anyone tell me how to remove the "T" shaped pannel for the center of the dash cant get that one out Many thanks darren
  6. nice thanks for the fast reply mate many thanks
  7. Would just like to no how to remove the pannels for around the air vents and the pannel for around the fan settings thing as well got the other things off that i want to do many thanks darren xD
  8. Lawl you should ahah seen them as well
  9. I am running on some 13x7J Starmags 165/55 13r Its lowered now those are old pictures about 100mm on the front and 80ish on the back Need to camber the back a wee bit so i can lower it more at the back to stop the wheel bending my back quarter panel because i had to put spacers on so i could get the centre caps in which made them poke out more
  10. Aye mate will defos post some pictures in a new post when i get some camber on the back and never no might do some on the front as well Many thanks Darren
  11. yes lad hoping all i need is these camber shims for the back Cause it will save me so much money. Like the site says they are for the rear of my car so fingers crossed it is right lol Many thanks darren
  12. Venom motorsport supply the camber shims for my 1.0E lupo for 17 quid so might just buy them and see what happens really and use the guide above in the same kinda way to keep me right really Hopefully more people will reply with more information for us mate!!! fingers crossed Many thanks darren
  13. want my rear wheels cambered but not sure if i need some (camber shims or something made on a metal working machine)i have read this ---> Camber post on Forum!!! And hoping someone will shed some light for me and tell me its the same kinda principle as my wee 1.0E Many thanks Darren
  14. Thanks mate you have been a great help will just go down to my VW dealer and get the #99 one sounds just that little bit better Many thanks Darren
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