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  1. Yes I suppose that’s a good point actually. Hoping the Lupo becomes a classic in a few years ?
  2. Was up for £2700, got it for £2500
  3. Haha ? Yeah it needs a bit of TLC. Usual driver window won’t work, bits of bubbling around the arches, alloys curbed to bits. i was wanting to put a 1.8t engine in, but then had an even better idea of seeing if anyone clever enough could put an R32 engine in? Or am I just dreaming too much here? ?
  4. Haha I’m not a girl Rich ?? Rosie was the name of my Arosa, im Gino ??
  5. Hello! i haven’t been on here since 2010. I used to own a Seat Arosa 1.4 sport, made the bad decision of doing a swap for a crap car, and I’ve missed the arosa ever since! Searched high and low for another one but still couldn’t find one. yesterday, I seen a Lupo GTi and ended up buying it ? I miss these little cars, got some big plans with it ? opinions?
  6. How do everybody. Pleasee help me people! I had a lovely 1.4 16v seat arosa which was my pride and joy and at the time, i stupidely swapped it for an astra bertone. Please could anybody on here tell me whether they know who currently owns it, or if anybody has seen it around? or the guys name who has it (as i cant remember but he was from scotland) as i really want to buy it back off whoever has it when they come to sell it. the reg is 'FX51 SFN' Heres some pics, thanks!
  7. where could i get one from? Is anybody selling one for seat arosa 1.4 sport?
  8. nicee arosa Cant say ive ever seen a yellow one and an arosa with those alloys. Nice one Looking forward to seeing the ideas! Oh yeah, id get a smaller arial too hehe
  9. Hi there, my name is Gino from Middlesbrough area. I have just joined the forum today, i drive a seat arosa 1.4 sport. Its a nice, tidy little car and it is currently for sale so if anybody is interested, then let me know! I have posted some pics below so you's can tellme what you think about my motor £2200
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