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  1. Had a day out up my play ground
  2. Made the most of the good weather
  3. With the weather beeing bad not realy had chance to do much so i bought another dride seat and made a frame for that changed the gear knob, i also made a rear strut brace in my lunch breaks one week. last as the weather was good to day i gave her a good wash polish and wax even though it lives in the workshop any way
  4. Took it to get her dynoed today not bad it pulled 138.4 hp @ the fly. i als have made a new seat frame for the new bride seat i have bought for the passenger side.
  5. Had the day off work and got loads done, full service, new rear disc and pads and also new anti roll bar bushes. i also got the paint out again Green anti roll bars
  6. Here are some photos from today. i gave her a wash pollish and wax. alos she flew though the mot sorry about the sun in the photos Heat wrap
  7. Had a busy day today got the manifold wraped did a full service i also got the radio working with the help of a booster. i will try get it washed and get a few pics up now all the stickers have been removed
  8. i love what you have done, i think it would look good all over
  9. My first up date is the breaks i have got hold of a 280mm wilwood set up. I bought these fairly cheap. I have test fitted them, striped and cleaned them then painted and used all new nipples and braided flexi brake hoses. I went to fit these one night after work and one of the 8 nipples has pulled out so i am in the process of waiting for a m10x1 tap to try and make a new thread. but here are a few pics from thr last 3 weeks test fit An hour on the wheel Did some one say green All built up The finished product, well nearly
  10. hi all. little history. I have had vw from the age of 16. all have been polos started with a 1.0l mk4 then a 1.0l mk3 and last i had a 1.4 16v afh open air mk4. i then felt i could do no more with the polo with spending silly money so i bought a lupo. i bought the car back in october off a lab from nothanpton. the car has had some work already but i have more to come and will keep every one posted. Heres the spec and a few pics 1.6 ARC (Polo GTI) engine conversion using a 1.4 sport head as they dont have VVT Full engine rebuild with every bearing, seal and many bolts replaced with genuine VW parts Head skimmed to raise the compression ratio 3 angle cut valve seats Ported and polished Schrick fast road/race cams (no longer produced) Bottom end balanced Block painted black with head painted red (gti spec) 4-2-1 with decat, heat wraped cat back stainless steel system GTI Radiator Full gearbox rebuild with uprated/strengthened bearings BMC CDA induction kit Front bumper smoothed Tinted indicators and headlights Cambride rear lights Freshly powder coated compomotive mo5's 15x7 et35 195/50 parada spec 2's Ap coilovers still height adjustable 24mm Rear one-off anti roll bar In green Front gti roll bar In green Front is polybushed Custom made rear struct brace in green. Wilwood 4 pot front calipers with redstuff pads 280mm dilled and groved discs Rear discs with green calipers Full interior strip bride bucket seats willians 3" 4 point harness momo deep dish steering wheel carbon gti horn push button Momo alloys gear knob with shorter stick Oil pressure gauge located in drivers air vent Chequered roof lining with gear gaiter to match Hertz component speakers 6k hid kid white not these silly blue ones. white led side lights white number plate lights white led interior light black door cards black sun visors
  11. my lupo track slag
  12. Hi i work at a Bosch service centre i would say they have gone off book time but 0.9 for spark plugs is abit strong i will have a look on our auto data for you but i feel in the real world there is no more than 2 hours work max.
  13. Hi all. i am alittle new to lupos i have always had polos from the age of 17. i have ahd a look though some topics and looked at brake upgrades for my sport. i have worked out that the gti and sport run the same size 256mm but the gti width is thicker. any what i want to know really is how many people have changed over to the next step up of g60 280mm set up or some thing like a wilwood on 280mm discs set up that was off a ibiza cupra or a mk2 golf ? is there a list any where of parts that are interchangable ie does mk2 golf ibiza brake parts bolt onto a lupo sport/gti hub? sorry if this has been covered, if it has could some one point me in the right direction many thanks chris
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