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    Really happy with the stance now. 1.5'' front 2'' back lips and some - camber added to back. Now they are flush with the fender. Color came out nice too although a bit brighter than I was intending.
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    SDI and tuning in the same breath?! If that's even a 'thing'... Just thought I'd update all you non turbo, diesel tuning people out there. Over the last few months I've been running DLSA150P544 injector nozzles. Same economy on a run, but accelaration torque is way better. Who says you need a turbo? All good, and car 'almost' keeps up with a stock lupo GTi! No access to rolling road at the mo, so no idea what power gain if any. Definitely more torque though. I also adjusted the injection pump quantity adjuster to make it idle at 0.2mg when warm. So a bit more fuelling top end, like 5mg. In theory about 15-20% more fuel. More fuel = more power in a diesel. But. Yesterday my car failed its MOT on emissions. D'oh. Smoke reading when blipped to between 6-7.5. Limit is 0.7 on the plate. Oh. Took it on a quick 20 mile blast to clean anything out, along with some purge in the tank (i don't think the stuff works). Retest. No change. Back to the workshop and had a dig around for some original P745 injectors (0.190mm holes). Chucked em in. Back to tester who was now laughing... Scraped through with an average (after a few tries) of 0.66 smoke. Pass. Moral of the story- you can have more grunt from an SDI, but it's not gonna be legal...
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    Some of the replacement cheapo temp sensors follow a different 'b-curve'- as in they fitted the wrong thermistor to the sensor. Will give the correct reading at room temp, but when hot completely out. Who knows? Curious problem this....
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    But the info given by the OP was: If every sensor has been replaced and apparently working what else is there: It is not a definitive answer, but it fits with the info given. interested to hear what is causing this.
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