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    If you have a dremmel cut some break lines to help the lens come out without damaging spoiler paint
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    that's what i had to do on my old one. someone had overtightened the 3 bolts and stripped the plastic around the back so they were just spinning! Just be careful not to damage the spoiler and you should be fine
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    Gorgeous. Cant wait to see it with the refurbed wheels on. Inside looks immac. Nice. Most difficult bit to restore... 👍🏻 Make sure the agreed insurance value is right or if it gets nicked or busted up, you may only get just over a grand for it. Worth at least 3k I'd reckon.
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    This is just going to be slapped together and MOT'd. I will try and show it some love after that.
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    Is this going to be like a kidnapping, where you post little bits of you Lupo one at a time? They look to be a really good refurbishment, centre caps usually don't come out 100% - but yours look mint.
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    Swap the coil pack over. Block the hole for the dizzy. Bin the dizzy. Done. Use the AHW ecu and loom. It will work fine.
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    Use the loom from the broken engine. It will be easier
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    Bad news I'm afraid. It seems that there was a change in the legislation in 2010, such that 'For vehicles first registered in the UK on or after 1 April 2010 but previously registered abroad, VED will be calculated according to the original date of registration abroad.' So if you have an import first registered abroad before 1st March 2001, you wont get CO2-based VED. It seems to me that this was kept very quiet - a recent letter from the DVLA on this matter didn't even mention it! At least the date is very appropriate! RAB
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    Were all failed registration applications for CO2-based VED made with a certificate of conformity showing CO2 data? If so, I have a letter from the DVLA which proves that you should have been granted CO2-based VED. There might have been the assumption made that CO2 data was not available for cars registered anywhere before March 2001 because the provision of this data only became mandatory then. Fortunately, VW were well ahead of the game. RAB
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