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    You could try making a very thin cut with a razor. Then very carefully inject some glue (you need to experiment), press it around the bubble with your fingers, then heat it with a hair dryer. Then using a vacuum cleaner, suck all the air out (and some glue...)To stop the air getting sucked back into the thin cut, put some tape loosely over it to act as a valve. When the glue has set, pull the tape off. You shouldn't see the cut. I've done it before on other cars and it works.
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    For normal driving its probably better if anything with the map. As soon as you are on it, it’s noticeable worse🤣
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    Finding a cheap / scrap box with the right codes to pillage 5th gear would take some luck and time. I fixed 5th on my 1.4s under the arch, hardest bit is making a 2 legged puller and shaping the legs to fit the gear, luckily it wasnt on there tight so the thing i ended up with worked a treat.
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    If you need anything, I’m also on your doorstep. I’m less useful though so probably not worth asking haha. There’s been around 6/7 Lupos and Arosas in scrappies within 7 miles of me in the last few months. Drying up now though.
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    165/50/15 Bridgestone Potenza on a 15x7 wheel...
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    I destroyed the rear lap belt on Red Mk3 Anniversary belt - going too close with the pressure washer - the difference in feel of the belt changes considerably after they are cleaned. Pressure washing internal carpets (out of the car) is good too... but I draw the line at seats
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    My hands and the kitchen now have a very distinctive cow dung smell. I think I know were this part was stored! 🤣 Looking in the connecting ports all seems clean and fresh so I suspect the issues are purely cosmetic.
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