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    @battlebus has in effect turned an SDI into a PD130... Don't forget that the SDI is nothing more than the 1.9 diesel engine without a turbo and a shorter crank. Same weight, better economy, less power. Lower insurance. You can run it on the 085 gearbox, but I'd advise a full box rebuild every 50k miles (and CV joints).
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    I havent but intend to. I have (or had) a PD150 lined up for this reason but sadly didnt get it before the lockdown has made it pretty much impossible for now. Driveshafts and probably a bit of chassis leg trimming will be the biggest headache, probably worth going wide track using GTI bottom joints as well but i am only guessing, i was going to use my black tdi wreck for the trial fit before chopping anything about on another lupo. You need the N75 stuff for the turbo and might need some engine loom as well. gearbox use a 5 speeder from a suitable TDI with decent ratios. Later PDs use different ecu so stick to the earlier ones on same ecu type as the diesel lupos to avoid extra hassles.
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    Lol ok cool . Like I said didn't see it had been that long since last post and just wanted to put some pictures of the missus car up to see what people thought of it.
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry lads didn't even see it had been that long since last post. My bad .
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    Yes your right I could have brought a GTI but it's my missus first car so insurance is not cheap as it is . It's not a 1 litre it's a 1.4.16v 75bhp . Tbh honest mate as long as she is happy with it money dont really matter bud . She likes its and had he input into the mods so happy days in my eyes thanks for saying it's nice tho and for the input all appreciated. Dave
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    I'm a fan of that, looks lovely!
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    Bievenido! Donde estas en España? You have a registered car at 14? How is it possible?! Nice car. Which wheels are they? 👍🏻
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