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    Thank you, H4's it is been waiting for a reply till i bought some will get some ordered this week! Thanks @Stephenmacleod
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    Yeah, all looks normal. Check the voltage in that supply plug on the egr controller. Not sure what it needs to be in there, but i think from memory, it's 0 and 12v when running idle.
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    your insurance will check your engine. If you have lied to them by not declaring an engine conversion (because they WILL ask if the car has any modifications) You will have void insurance, and depending on the circumstances, you could end up in prison. dont be a dick. declare it. I wouldn't necessarily do a logbook declaration, but if you fail to declare and even if someone totals your car whilst parked up, they will still void your policy. If you cant afford the insurance dont do the swap.
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    Definitely not ignition on, before removing the plug from the ECU remove the minus terminal from the battery . Basically you measure the continuity of some wires not the functioning of a component
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