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head unit wiring issues

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i've just purchased a seat arosa 04 however having issues with the head unit the previous owner butchered the old original plug so pretty much left with the wires that i need to match to an oem iso plug i'm unsure what wires i need to use. i have the following. 

thick red

thick brown


green/ white 

grey/ white 

blue/ grey

red/ brown

also does anyone know the locations for the stereo fuse so i can check that as well 

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the duel colour are most likely speakers, to work out what goes where stick you multimeter onto ohms connect one wire to the multmeter and then just touch the other wire, one of  the speakers should crackle

thick red is most likely the permanent live, you just need to work out which of the other wires goes live with the igntion on, which will leave the last wire as ground

its pretty easy with multimeter

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