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  1. anthonyc1988

    Arosa tdi. Drivers door wont oprlen from the inside.

    i had this issue also this video might help. it worked for me
  2. anthonyc1988

    anyone got speedo dials instructions

    got my mk2 seat arosa drives fine but noticed someone has used some black paint on the dials possible hiding a fault on the car. i've scanned it with a code reader but no errors can some one tell me what light is covered please
  3. anthonyc1988

    part number required

    anyone have the part number for the front covers of the spring out cup holders both of mine are missing. thanks in advanced
  4. anthonyc1988

    part number required

    i have both cup holders just missing the face plates off them both
  5. anthonyc1988

    head unit wiring issues

    i've just purchased a seat arosa 04 however having issues with the head unit the previous owner butchered the old original plug so pretty much left with the wires that i need to match to an oem iso plug i'm unsure what wires i need to use. i have the following. thick red thick brown black green/ white grey/ white blue/ grey red/ brown also does anyone know the locations for the stereo fuse so i can check that as well
  6. anthonyc1988

    head unit wiring issues

    thanks for the reply i managed to sort it got another iso block and pins they just fitted them in the correct order that i found online and now working a treat

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