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Handbrake cable routing

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Struggling with the driver's side handbrake cable, can't seem to get it out between the chassis and rear beam. Has the chassis bent? Has someone trapped it if changing the rear beam? Is it normal? 



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its trapped, the cable hangs from the little clip thats in the end of the beam, loosen the nut as its acting as a clamp, once loose you should be able to get the cable out

just look at mine and the cable is in amost exactly the same place, you can see your cable is not in the clip properly so somehow its worked its way up

i think using the jackstand on the rear beam is not helping, us another spot so the beam can drop it may free it up

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Thanks :)

Yes was trapped, cut through the cable and managed to release it. (Can't see it working its way up there, someone must have removed the beam and it got snagged then ?)

2 new handbrake cables and it's all good again ?

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