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Hi guys,

Joined a few FB groups for Lupo's but there seems to be a lot of good stuff going on in this forum too so I've joined! I bought a 1.4S two weeks ago, 3 owners with 77,000 miles and at a good price. It's clean, has the usual issues (creaking door etc and the cambelt is due) but I'll get all the bits like that ironed out soon.


Plans for the car really is just to keep it clean, obviously being a Lupo lowering it will become priority soon and probably some form of VW wheels whether banded steels or a classic alloy as I want to keep it fairly OEM looking. I might start a build thread if people still do these...

The whole "VW" thing is a bit new to me, my previous cars have been Fords, my Dad has only ever owned old Ford's (with the exception of an R33 Skyline :D) so all fresh to me and a completely new 'scene'.



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:rolleyes: hello :) 

Looks lovely, cannot wait to see your progress :) I'm just starting out too so it's nice to know I'm not the only one :) 

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