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  1. Dubturbo

    Removing lower dash trim?

    Hi all, this seems like a stupid question but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer anywhere! I'm trying to remove the "glove box"/storage area on the passenger side to put in some ICE wiring, but with the screws out I just can't disconnect it from the centre console. Am I missing something, or does the whole console have to come out too? Was trying to do something similar on the drivers side too to tidy up some wiring at the fusebox, but I can't get in easily there either. Oh for a workshop manual!!
  2. Dubturbo

    Steel doors on GTI?

    The plot thickens, I have Pilkington in my doors and screen, yet Sekurit in the rears too! Could be a coincidence, and both cars could have a history, but they're both end of the line cars too, when the specific stuff would start getting scarce?
  3. Dubturbo

    Steel doors on GTI?

    Hi all, First time post, as I've just picked up an import GTI and and learning lots here!! I took a magnet to the panels to see, and sure enough the bonnet and wings are definitely alu, but both doors seem to be steel. I don't see any evidence of repaired damage, it's a clean car otherwise. It's an 05, would there be any possibility they were running short on alu panels in Brussels during the runout period and may have substituted steel, or am I just kidding myself and have parts from about a dozen Lupos in my car Great forum, delighted to be here and thanks in advance!