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  1. This is great information, I think thats dependent on whether the lupo is canbus, what original engine code etc. Im hoping it will be that simple.
  2. So to add some text to the wall of pics. Everything interior wise is stripped and Im using OMP Lupo frames (which are a **** fit) and harnesses. Goal is to be as light as possible. AUQ engine and 6 speed box turned up yesterday although the 6 speed will be getting sold - I think im going ASD mk3 diesel box. Staying on OEM management, debating what loom to use where. Im presuming its easier to pull the entire lupo loom out the bay, fit the 1.8t ECU and engine loom, then splice into the interior loom? Just picked up the Golf drivers side engine mount bracket which is part number 8N0 802 068A for future reference, £24 from VW. Ive just pulled all the PCV shite off the engine, along with aircon etc. Hoping to use Lupo PS pump. Ill post pics up once its degreased and cleaned. All this will be done at home in a garage with lots of tabs and tea.
  3. Im a bit late creating this thread, its been on RetroRides for a while. So ill throw all the pictures on here and then continue to log progress. Up to date as of today. If a mod could move to Project Cars I would be appreciative.
  4. I now have almost all the parts to start my 1.8t conversion, the thing i have left until last is the wiring. Its a long term project so its not urgent, however I have the front loom from the engine and the original 1.0 loom remains behind the dash. I want to splice the engine loom into the original dash interior loom. Is this the accepted way? I have heard issues with CANBUS / nonCANBUS. Im presuming as the 1.8t loom has the standard 16 pin connectors I just need to make a 'bridge' between the two looms? I would like to retain the OBD port and obviously not pull the dash if possible. I have had a search and not found a lot about it.
  5. As per title, looking for a set of coilovers cheap as possible please. Cash literally sat here waiting.