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  1. gj_jones

    My gti over last few months.

    Sure I saw this at Inters? Looked awesome
  2. gj_jones

    Ginas Arosa Sport

    Had a nightmare before Inters, after spending the entire day getting both cars ready, got home at half 10 that night - for the Arosa to blow 2 fuses. So had to take the Lupo on its own Retrimming the roof on the Arosa and rolling the arches this weekend, going to have a go myself before booking it in at the bodyshop, the dash is coming out after Fitted as well
  3. gj_jones

    Ginas Arosa Sport

    Little update:
  4. gj_jones

    Ginas Arosa Sport

  5. gj_jones

    Ginas Arosa Sport

    Quick photo of the interior and how it was sat at Cumbria VAG, currently working on the boot build and hoping to have it finished shortly. I've gone for quite a chunky tyre (195/45)to keep some of the handling. Hoping to have the brakes on for Edition 38 but we'll see
  6. gj_jones

    Ginas Arosa Sport

  7. gj_jones

    My Seat Arosa

    Lovely colour, so clean as well!
  8. gj_jones

    Ginas Arosa Sport

    Hey folks, Fancied sharing a couple of photos of my little Dorothy as she's come a long way since I bought her 2 years ago. Been an interesting little build to date and it's definitely a car that's never getting sold. Couple of pictures of Matts 20vt GTI as well, variety is the spice of life and all that! Enjoy
  9. gj_jones

    Seat Arosa Sport - SOLD

    Cheers, how's the gearbox? Anything been done since you noticed the play in it at all? Any photos of the engine bay as well, ta.
  10. gj_jones

    Seat Arosa Sport - SOLD

    Any other photos of the back? Has the cambelt and water pump been done at all?
  11. gj_jones

    North Wales / Arosa Sport

    Hey folks, Here's Dorothy the Arosa Sport and where I'm up to so far. Based around North Wales Been tinkering with this for about 2 years now and can honestly say it's a car that's never being sold. No build thread as such but to date I've spent a lot of time on this little pocket rocket (as well as blood, sweat and tears!) Bottom photo is how it is currently sitting, enjoy
  12. gj_jones

    Arosa picture thread.

    First forum post of my build after 2 years of owning her...here's Dorothy

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