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  1. Teardrop flat caps fit borbet a's??

    spose but still need to no if the securiing hole lines up aswell as the diameter of the cap itself,,,, just thought sum1 may have tried already n could just tell me
  2. Teardrop flat caps fit borbet a's??

    Hello found sum1 selling done teardrop flat caps n noticed the very much like borbet flat caps. Any1 tried fitting them?
  3. VW Type 2 Pick Up and Panel Van (3DS Max)

    these are amazing
  4. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Nah mate not selling it now no chance. Love it to much. Plus the fact I can keep it for as long as I want n still get more than what I paid for it back. This is a car where there's only 900 or so in the uk and a future classic. I don't need the money so I think would be silly to sell to make sum quick cash
  5. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    There was another gti on there not long ago. Silver 6 speed 70k no tax or mot. Chap wanted £1650. Said it would pass a mot but dint have the £30 to take it for 1 ????
  6. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    I brought it to actually keep n let mrs have it but fell in love from when I saw it in real life so I'm keepin it n mrs is gunna b selling her car to get a new beetle. She's currently got a fresco green se
  7. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Was listed 16th October 16:50pm I waited bout 6 weeks before I could collect as the chap was waiting for his new car n still using the lupo
  8. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Oh n the chap put it up on there n within 10 mins if seen it n told him I want it for his askin price of £600. He then took it off n kept to his word that if any1 else asked he would say its sold Fair play to the chap I had it off he stuck to his word and he was happy with £550 n I was ecstatic
  9. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Yeah mate club lupo facebook page. And a few others can back me up on this piers. Loads of others off the facebook page. I'm no liar mate. What would I get out of lying. I'm 29 not 9
  10. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Club lupo on facebook
  11. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Yeah drive it home 90 miles no problems part from loss of power as car is blocked. Cruised doin 70-80 just with little revs on motorway. Came on steel BMW wheels. Borbets r off my estate
  12. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Cheers mate I have wanted 1 years but they hold value that well I just couldn't afford 1. This must have been fate for me lol
  13. Cheers mate will post first thing in morning
  14. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    Oh n a abs sensor n it come on BMW steels
  15. my £550 TAX N MOTED LUPO GTI!

    I am very lucky indeed. I thought the same. With no engine it still worth £550 all day. This is the genuine price I paid it was £600 but chap got me to wait bout 6 weeks for it so my dad asked him if he take £550. N he did Gave me a spare headlight ballast and sum history n old receipts 92k on clock Needs disks n pads all round Cat is blocked Coolant temp sensor needed changing Valve seals replacing