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  1. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Ah, a big sigh of relief now that the inside is done and dusted paintwise!
  2. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Yeh that fell through as my pal decided against going 4wd with his mk2
  3. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Cage now in primer!
  4. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Now onto cage prep!
  5. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Got the cage finished off, then proceeded with removing standard runners and opting for fia approved weld in rails! And sold my 2 corbeau club sports and bought a new sparco grid 2 seat have also put down a deposit on a o2j box with a quaife LSD- only covered 800 miles and new bearings! Boost!
  6. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Diffuser and shifter plate got some black on them today!
  7. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Roof is now off to get a carbon mould made and front end of cage is getting redone again through the dash. Dash will also be getting flocked! No interior going back in so whole floor will get prepped b painted!
  8. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Couple more shots of custom fab work! Exhaust system finished now! Along with diffuser! Just rollcage to be done now!
  9. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Was Over at Paul's again tonight! He's Nearly finished the exhaust system , didn't grab a photo but was looking ace! And couple packages turned up today
  10. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Yeh just recently went self employed and doing me a mad deal on all this fab work!
  11. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Quick google of this term relieved me of my confusion but yes my pal is shithot at fab work
  12. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    And some more fabrication goodness!
  13. Pauls Stripped 20vt conversion

    On my 1.8t conversion, my pal just re-pinned gti wires into 1.8t ecu - no need for removing interior looms nor splicing! 80% of the wires matched up anyway from 1.8t to Lupo which was handy!
  14. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Fab guy has Been cracking on! Boost pipes sorted out! Awaiting a sports cat to be delivered then I'll get it over to him along with a door and seat - as door bars are getting welded in now
  15. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Come again?