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  1. vince172

    The Red Breadvan

    mate, I stumbled across this thread whilst looking for something related to mk1 arosa's, and an hour later (and 15 pages!) i have found myself in love with this car. I respect the effort that has gone into this (and some serious cash too ) and i think its awesome!, myself personally I would have it like it is now, but with black mirrors, the chrome dish rota's back on AND that funky roof basket!, Loved that. Good work mate. not sure why my text was so small, for some reason I couldn't change it!
  2. been down to the site today to try and get some sort of discount or incentive from nandos and Frankie and bennys, nandos were not very forthcoming, but the woman covering the managers shift down f&b's said to see the general manager on Tuesday. so i'll update with any progress of this! (they also have a bar, for passangers and rebels to have a pint!)
  3. after going to the krispy kremes meet in bristol and nearly getting totally beached on a speedhump, i can confirm that the chosen location is totally low friendly and has no speedhumps!
  4. well.. its been pushed through instagram, facebook, edition, so-wal (local cub) and of course here!, so fingers crossed. hopefully god will shine his rays on us!
  5. I wouldve done that if i knew how! thanks LoopEd
  6. also in the above pics im running red rear lights. i met up with sophia off here and swapped my cambridges. i think this was a good move, as both cars look much better!....
  7. currently running 10mm spacers on the back now. sitting pretty well in my opinion.
  8. interest has definately grown on the facebook events page!!, hopefully we'll have some good pics to put up!
  9. vince172

    How do you smooth rear lights

    what he is referring to (i believe) are the manufacturers markings etc which are raised off the outer lense surface. he wants to smooth them out/remove them. a mod I've seen quite a few times. your 'average' mot inspector would never think of checking these or would probably never notice. on a legality point. i would say it to be illegal as you would be removing the E markings etc. but hey, what 'normo' would ever notice! i want to do this to mine soon!
  10. yes!, come along!, everyone is welcome, success is purely down to people turning up!, it can only happen if people arrive, would be nice to have a get together anyway. current owners, previous owners, enthusiasts, etc. there is never anything around this way, so lets make it a good one!
  11. the ball has starting rolling on this. got loads of local interest in this. at the moment the location is the showcase cinema carpark in Nant Garw (5 mins off m4 j32) nice and easy to find! pm me for details, and let me know (post on here if your interested)
  12. vince172

    best tyres for G60's?

    165/50's best stretch ive seen is from bridgestone potenza, nicer stretch than nankangs
  13. vince172

    Arosa picture thread.

    the peach one above, starting to take shape. any others on here in this colour??
  14. Done this to a mk4 golf. caused all sorts of issues. These management systems ain't like an old carb!
  15. On my 1.0ltr it has two 17mm Allen bolts on the front of the box. take out a wheel nut and put in hole, use a 17mm spanner on the part of bolt left potruding from the box Allen bolt, unscrew (top one), i used a gearbox oil pump sourced from ebay (few quid) to pump correct oil into hole until it is full (starts pouring out) do it all back up. That is what i was told to do, and done the trick on my last 3 lupo/arosa. definitely worth doing as they have weak boxes. To drain i guess you just undo through bottom one first, let it drain, do it up then use the top to fill??