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  1. Rear drums stuck on

    Anyone got any ideas on how to remove the rear drums if the brakes are sticking on slightly? Tried beating them with a hammer but I only made a big pile of rust and felt like I was going to brake something. Just trying to put on new hubs but looks like I’m going to need new brakes now too thanks Alex
  2. Rear drums stuck on

  3. Lupo drop plates?

    Does anyone know of any drop plates for lupos? I’ve got a set for my mk3 wagon and instead of pissing around with chopping springs and shorter shocks, I was wondering if there are any for the loop? thanks alex
  4. Lupo drop plates?

    I’ll just try them ones in then. Hopefully they’ll work so I can get nice and low on my temp 17’s
  5. Lupo drop plates?

    Does anyone know of any drop plates for lupos? I’ve got a set for my mk3 wagon and instead of pissing around with chopping springs and shorter shocks, I was wondering if there are any for the loop? thanks alex
  6. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    Hi, I’ve got my mk4 recaros in the lupo tonight but they don’t quite sit flat. Does anyone have any suggestions to straighten them out?
  7. Wonky mk4 recaros?

    They’re just on mk4 frames still. Went straight in
  8. 1.7sdi to PD130

    So it hasn't taken me very long to realise that the sdi is great on fuel but isnt what you'd called 'thrilling' to drive. I'm thinking PD conversion once I've gotten my wagon back on the road. Ive seen that a few people have done the conversion but I'm struggling to find any info on mounts and driveshafts. Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. 1.7sdi to PD130

    I'm not too bothered about declaring to the dvla. I was running an e36 compact with an m52b28 undeclared. Loads of fun but I kept braking it so had to get shot. Just want something to have a laugh down a good B road in again. I'm sure it cant be that difficult to do the swap if I could do the BMW right?
  10. Hi, so I picked up a cheap 1.7 sdi a couple of weeks ago which needed a few bits doing, nothing major just service, wheel bearings and a blow in the exhaust welding up. I finally got a chance to change the oil, filter, air filer and fuel filter. But on the way home the brake pedal goes hard as if the vacuum goes after pressing the pedal onc3 (had a bit of a squeaky bum time when slowing for a double round about!) does anyone have any ideas before I start looking at stuff which I'm not very confident with. Brakes are not my forte. Thanks Alex
  11. Brake pedal going hard after one use

    Thanks, I'll have a look tonight
  12. 1.7sdi turbo?

    Just pondering about a 1.7adi lupo. I'm going to look at one today. Would the manifold and turbo from my spare ahu engine go onto the sdi? Would it take much to get it running right? I'm thinking manual boost control valve, bigger injectors, oil feed and return and a clutch upgrade? Anything else?
  13. 1.7sdi turbo?

    Could just drop the full ahu in there I suppose like. Won't be for a while yet like. I still need to finish my mk3 wagon
  14. Cheap sdi/tdi lupo near Teesside

    Thanks but I'm back in Middlesbrough now
  15. Cheap sdi/tdi lupo near Teesside

    Hi, haven't been on here in a while but my mk3 is out for welding and I'm in need of a little daily for a bit. Why not get another lupo? as long as it has loads of test on it and it runs well I'll have a look. As close to Middlesbrough as possible cash waiting thanks
  16. Cheap sdi/tdi lupo near Teesside

    As cheap as possible really
  17. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    hey thought i'd start a build thread on here. there wont be many changes for a couple of months but there will be first really detail sesh soon http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png only a few little changes for now wind deflectors aero wipers ( need gti's next though http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/tongue.png ) sub in the boot occasional bonnet bra stubby areal ( i want an oem one soon ) does anyone know the correct colour name of my car? had a visit from JoshG1992 over the weekend so naturally the camera came out http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/tongue.png and my house mates pueple micra cheers for looking Alex
  18. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    Cheers This has to be seen I'm available every evening and weekends for viewings. Just drop me a text 07453981009
  19. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    Right guys thinking about selling this. Just wondering if anyone would be interested if I say £2500? 74,000 miles 1.0l e Platinum grey, rare colour on a loop. I've never seen one in person! You only have to look through a couple of pages in this thread to see how tidy it is It also does have abs but windy windows and manual door mirrors ( bit of an odd spec maybe? ) The paint is awesome! It has a couple of pin head sized marks that aren't noticeable. All the panels are straight as you like too! Can be corrected for a price too. Lowered on jom's and still have the standard suspension Pioneer head unit installed with hidden USB input, it has the ports for an aux cable too, CD and radio too It's wired up to a sub zero 600w amp with jbl 12" sub. It's getting on a bit though. Team heko wind deflectors Recently cleaned the engine bay too 11 months mot and taxed till October Had four new tyres put on in February A bit of service history. I've had it for two years and it came with next to none but I've had a few things sorted. He runs lovely feels really nippy still too! I do have a set of tidy mk4 golf avus 2's with two new tyres, the tyres are 165/50/15 Bridgestone Protenzas and 20mm adapters come with them too. They have been on the car just to test fit. Love this car to bits but I want something a bit more old school, type 19 mk2 golf or something. Any feedback would be great! Cheers
  20. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    Ordering adapters and tyres this week!
  21. mini_ash`s SDI

    Seen the loop over at Teesside park a few times. Like the little vw badge on the steels
  22. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    Also I wound the front down another 20mm ... dam these jom's, I wish they'd go lower on the back
  23. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    Quick clean yesterday. The badge came off the other day due to I suspect the garage I bought it from's dodgy handy work. But it kinda makes me want to smooth my tail gate! What do you think?
  24. Oscar the Grey 1.0l e FOR SALE!

    Ignore the bit about the brakes. He had a bit of trouble with the body work being on the floor whilst testing them