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  1. Just a heads up folks for anyone having stuttering issues with their Lupo - I'd avoid BBT (cheap) aftermarket HT leads. Just fitted some to the Gti and they effectively fell apart with the ends coming off the leads with ease. Returning to ECP and going with genuine VW instead. ECP's coilpack (can't remember the brand) and Denso plugs are mint tho. Vish
  2. vishpish

    G60 brake conversion

    Agree with most of the comments above! ABS doesn't really kick in but don't go with EBC pads as I think they are shite! 99hjhm what racing pads are you going for/gone for? Thinking ds2500/m1144(whatever they're called) have been highly rated.
  3. vishpish

    Lupo 1,8t 20v conversion

    Lovely motor!!
  4. But they look completely different!
  5. Hey folks Anyone got any experience with replacing the above. Mine looks like: Problem is that ebay either sells the above for £88 or a MAP sensor which fits lupo gtis apparently for £30 that looks like this: Anyone know if you defo need the whole new throttle body? So pissed off - went in to a garage to have the wiring sorted on my fan and they ****ed it over.
  6. Yo folks lupo broke so until i get it back (thissy is sendin me a new 6 speed box!) running this again! For those who don't know, its a v6 running race tranny mods lol!(1.5way cusco, c-one ultralight flywheel, 6 paddle clutch courtesy of woodsport). just threw some tein s techs on and some unknown adjustable stiff shocks. will be at crail this weekend if anyone is about come say hi. ps - rattle can spray job. once its hardened and i can afford a rotary it will come up sooooo shiny!! pps - wheels are going to be powdercoated. not decided on the color yet. ideas??
  7. vishpish

    Weight loss from stripping GTI

    magnesium wheels are a stupid idea. hit one pothole or bump and a bend is unfixable. plus they are like chocolate compared to forged aluminum. i run rega's - Desmond Regamasters - 3.9kg per corner, forged ally, one of the lightest wheels ever made. Without them, i doubt i'd have beaten my best mates VRS up the quarter by hundredths of a second lol. there basically what rota slipstreams are, but the original version that scrota copied. so rare im mega lucky to have a set
  8. Just back from running some quarter mile times at Crail in my 1.6 gti.... Had two goals 1) to get a time under 16secs and 2) beat my mates mapped vrs. Managed both eventually!!! How does that compare to gtis? good/bad/indifferent? saw a post from some guy claiming a 14.7 but that is focus st/civic type r/integra type r/astra vxr territory. theres no way a lupo without a serious tuning/conversion would make that surely! my fastest time was 15.674!!
  9. vishpish

    Best aftermarket suspension kit for UK roads

    x2 mate rear arb made all the difference cannot quite believe the difference - so much so that im already going to be looking at new front tyres soon (although thats maybe more to do with the fact my tyres are soft advans which aint gonna last long anyway!)
  10. vishpish

    Happy birthday to me

    nice wheels man
  11. vishpish

    Bilstein B8 Sprint Dampers + Eibach Pro Springs

    Cheers for the comments folks starting to think that i may be wrong about sellíng these. ordered a rear arb and am goíng for a custom susp setup plus a wheel bearing has gone on the front! probably wíll keep them
  12. Putting these up for sale even though they are only 4 weeks old! Complete change of plans with the car. This is the best suspension for UK roads. Not only does the springs absorb bumps, camber and potholes, when you throw the car into a corner it just feels so planted. No pictures but I will get some. Paid £650 for the kit - B8 Sprint Dampers x 4 and Eibach Pro Kit 30mm Springs. I'll sell the kit for £550 ovno or am willing to listen to swap offers for nearly new coilovers plus cash (KW V1s or FK Konigsports preferably). Can also split the kit - Springs for £100 and dampers for £450 but wouldn't sell the springs without selling the dampers first. Any questions, send me a pm!
  13. vishpish

    Best aftermarket suspension kit for UK roads

    Nice pic jase - my bilstein kit sits about the same - still to settle especially at the back so its a bit higher - i'll wait and see how it all works out. I'd like to edit my verdict - I think I kinda still prefer coilovers; at high speeds and on long fast 100+mph corners, the car does feel slightly less stable especially the back end than the slammed fks did. even attacking a tight uphill right hander - full throttle in 3rd to about 65mph, got understeer then lift off oversteer (not been sideways since i took my mister 2 off the road!) - the back end just doesnt feel great stiff or predictable and my mate, who has a fabia vrs with coilys and the rear arb mod felt the same so hopefully get that bought and fitted soon and if its still shaky i think some bracing/cages would need looked at. Theres no doubt that over steep crests, dips and cambered corners my setup beats his hands down. it just pisses me off that when you do finally get a bit of straight level smooth road, the springs and dampers just dont feel as planted as coilys. guess you cant have it all! so if you want looks, trackday driving or even just smooth dual carriageway/motorway blasting; coilys win. if you want comfort, stability and general backroad blasting, the springs and dampers just win. if you have to much money, buy KW variant 3s and a KW engineer to set the suspension up every time you want to head up a different road surface! short of that, you cant have it all so its best to just pick the choice that suits your preferences best.
  14. vishpish

    Best aftermarket suspension kit for UK roads

    great thread just fitted bilsteins and eibachs to mine. The B12 kit is no longer supplied/made by bilstein - you can still get it in parts though as it is only a set of B8 sprint shortened dampers and H&R Cup springs (30mm). I opted for the eibach pro kit (30mm) just from friends and reviews. Verdict - It is fantastic over the glasgow roads. I actually aimed for some bumps and the springs and dampers deal with the bump comfortably! On a wee blast up the backroads, I felt the car was gripping to the road well especially over heavily cambered corners and undulations on the road. Its the most ideal compromise for the UK backroads in my opinion. The lower your car is to the ground, the better on a track - but on our roads nothing can beat the travel and dampening combined with the control that this kit offers. yeah ok it cost me nearer 700 notes if you include new top mounts etc, but i put it on, didnt have to measure the drop on all 4 corners, havent even had it set up and aligned yet and it handles extremely well.

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