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    vw lupo 1.4 s
  1. 3rd time lucky

    Y can’t I View the images ??
  2. Oldest gti Lupo registered

    Mines sorn and in the garage for winter atm were do you find out how many are left?
  3. Oldest gti Lupo registered

    I have a black gti on a x reg
  4. Oldest gti Lupo registered

    Hi everyone I was reading a topic on here about the oldest Lupo as it's coming up to 20 years for the lupo and I wanted to find out the oldest Lupo gti registered and still around to date. Post your year and date registered below
  5. vw lupo gti, raven blue,

    Looking good!
  6. 2001 lupo gti breaking

    How much for front bumper? and momo wheel with boss and driver side head light can collected
  7. Can I have sum tuning help please

    Can anyone else give me sum more tips please thanks Aaron
  8. Can I have sum tuning help please

    Hi I have a 1.4s lupo and I was looking to no what I can do to my enging to get more power out of it thanks
  9. porche teledials will they fit?

    thanks im gna try a set of 20mm adaptors and see wot they look like and if i can get a set of 25mm on the back i will.
  10. porche teledials will they fit?

    but wot size adaptors do you think best to buy? thanks
  11. porche teledials will they fit?

    offset 52.3 will they fit with 20mm adaptors and not rub?
  12. were can you buy the bonnet extentions from?
  13. porche teledials will they fit?

    the wheels are 15 and 7j wide tires are bridgestone 165/50/r15 and car is lowered on ap coilovers thanks
  14. porche teledials will they fit?

    hi i have just brought a set of teledials for my lupo and wanted to no if they will fix with a 20mm adaptor and not rub. or if they will rub wot size adaptor should i buy for them thanks