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Just Joined :)

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Hey Guys & Girls just joined ClubLupo been meaning to for ages :(

I have a baby Lupo 1.0 in Green (Love it).

Done a few bits to SheHulk but mainly had to repair her (not good).

When I got her she was in good body condition except she was covered In girly flowers (soon got them off with the heat gun and abit of tugging).

But she was misfiring which was sorted after a good service with new plugs, leads etc :)

She then began her menstrual cycle and decided to rev up to 2500rpm when idling which then meant I could drive without touching the accelerator :L so got it on vag n it said my throttle body which I changed and it did nothing at all :(!

And after a few month of driving like this it just randomly idled perfect :/ so she is now running pretty well which is great as it's my first car and I don't want to have to spend my life away fixing her :(

This is her Currently:




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I to hope it stays away, I got really annoyed with it as it went to quite a few garages to see what the problem was and none of them were any help what so ever just paid more and more money out :(

Did the pictures work btw in new to posting them?? ;)

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