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I've just bought a complete Mk2 bootlid and i intend to fit it to my Mk1. This is a non central locking bootlid so wiring will have to be transferred and a new lock and handle will need to be purchased. However to be able to use my existing key, regardless of which handle is fitted, the lock and barrel will have to be switched OR modified. I have done the latter and modified the lock to be fully functional with my existing key.

This is how it was done:

I removed the handle from the boot to do this but it can be done with it still fitted. 6 Nuts is all that is holding it in so its not too hard to remove and makes life a lot easier later on.


First things first, you will need to remove the e clip and lock arm


There will be a C shaped clip retaining the next part, i have already removed it in the above picture. This clip is the difficult one to re-install as it is retaining a spring plate. Be careful when removing this as the springs are under pressure and WILL want to fly everywhere.


Once that clip is removed all of the other parts should just slip out. When i extracted these i made sure to keep them lined up but they should all slip together one way so it really doesn't matter, i was just being extra cautious.


The business end is pictured on the left of the above, this is a 2 piece assembly, once the sheath is removed all the teeth should pop out.


This is the bit you will need to swap with your existing part so that your original key will work correctly in your new lock.

If however you are attempting to modify it, there are a few things to note, the modified lock will NOT be as secure as the original as it will now fit YOUR key as well as the donor cars key and any other key in between. The less modification needed to make YOUR key work, the more secure the lock will be.


I was lucky as very little modification was required. When the key is inserted, all of the teeth should be flush with the body. As you can see in the picture above there is about 3 teeth that are not flush when MY key is inserted.

All that is needed is for the teeth to be ground down flush, i did this with my dremel but it could also be done with a file. Test that it slides in the barrel when the key is inserted before you refit it and assemble in reverse order.

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