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How to: Fit Central Locking to Poverty Spec Lupo/Arosa

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Just fitted a Universal Kit to my Poverty Spec Lupo and thought i'd write up a quick guide as to how I did it. Use it as a guidline but I hold no responsibility if you mess it up. :)

I have only fitted this to the Drivers and Passengers doors as I rarely use my boot. It would be relatively easy to fit this to the boot I would imagine.

So firstly I made a purchase. I bought a Nikkai 4 Door Central Locking kit.


First thing I needed to do was remove the door cards on both sides and install the Solenoids.

Drilled two holes in the metal behind the lower door car so they are hidden and screwed the Solenoid in place. (the front doors need the solenoids with the five wires coming out of them as these are the operating Solenoids.


With the long connector rod, I clamped this to the existing door pin. This will send the signal to the box to tell it when youve unlocked one door, which in turn opens the other.


Repeat this step on both sides :)


I wanted to keep the control box on the passengers side as there was more space behind the dash, so I removed the complete lower dash. Send the 5 coloured wires (Black, Brown, White, Green, Blue) through the existing door rubber sleeve and into the door. Then send the drivers side along the dash and into the drivers door. (this area is tight, so I found it easier sending a bit of speaker wire through from the door, taping it to the wires and then pulling it back through the gromit)

Depending on the kit you purchase you will be left with two sets and wires for the rear door or boot. These are a green and blue wire for each side.

Once they are in the door you need to look at getting power to the control unit. I found this easiest through the gromit that the current loom goes through and comes out in the passenger footwell. You have to remove the gromit and pierce a hole through the fibre matting to get through. You want to then feed the Red + and Black + wire through this hole and into the engine bay where you can connect it to the Battery. Again I found it easy sending some speaker wire through to pick up the wires and then pull them through.


Connect all of the wires in the doors and cable tie the wires and control box to the underneath dash. You will have a loose Brown and White wire which would go to an alarm or Remote unit. If these touch each other it sends the unit doolally and unlocked my doors, so Id pop a bit of tape around the ends.


I dont know whether it makes a difference but I would make sure that both doors are open and unlocked when connecting the wiring up. I found that I actually had to disconnect the black wire from the passengers side in order for my kit to work properly. I am still doing some trouble shooting in regards to that because I can only unlock both locks from the drivers side which is fine for me anyway.

Close the doors, check they work and put on the doorcards and dash.....Happy Days.... All in all cost me about £15-20 from ebay and saves the ball ache of having to reach over and let the mrs in.

As I also mentioned wire the boot solenoid in with the two wires from either side and you have full central locking :)

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