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Lupo 1.8t question and advice please

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hi all currently under going a 1.8t lupo witch was a lupo SDI (wanted a petrol but got cheap as customer didn't want to repair :-) and have few questions if anyone can help me fill in some gaps, the timing belt side of engine using the mk4 golf mount where are people getting the mounting points that the weld in place? Chopping out of golfs chassis leg?

Also am putting in an AGU lump witch is cable throttle and was wanting to also go hydraulic clutch (due to my mk2 golf 20v was heavy on cable) what pedal box are you guys using and what master cyclinder for 280mm brakes?

There will be some more questions and I know you may have answered these a million times, Thanks for looking and for reply's in advanced.

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You can buy the mount for the chassileg as a spare from your vw dealer.

I dont know what pedalbox to use for your RHD cars but in my LHD car i´m using the original one from the

1,4l AHW.

You don´t get the hydraulic clutch with that setup tough...

I have a 22mm mastercyl. from an old Passat around -90, don´t know how those fit RHD cars but it propably would

fit just the same way around.

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1.4TDI or GTI has an hydraulic clutch. A complete pedalbox of an 1.4tdi cost me around 150€ at the dealer.

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