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TDI oil change

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Firstly I will say sorry for the terrible photo's. I was also running out of time so pictures will be extra rubbish!! Also these are off my phone and I was by myself.

So enough of the excuses! :shifty::tongueout:

I personally like to start the car or go for a quick drive then do the following.

First jack or ramp it! The front that is :yes:


Chock it! The back wheels.


Remove engine cover by taking out the dipstick and lifting it from the bottom ( the side closer to the dip stick)


Like so...


Then you will be left with the teeny tiny engine :thumbup:


That black thing at the bottom with the big nut on it is the oil filter. If your lucky you will have this lying around.


So this is the bottom of your car. Some may have an undertray. Mine didn't so will need to order one :shifty: . Stands are there just incase its on ramps.


The sump plug is on the back of the sump. It's a 19mm socket. Here is a closer pic.


So put a container underneath to catch the oil. Stick a ratchet on the socket and break it. You may need a small breaker bar for leverage. As soon as the bolt has been cracked open either use the ratchet or your hand.


So when your on the last few threads undo it with your hand or a socket with an extension bar. You will know when its about to come out and move it away quickly. Then you will have this :)


This is your sump plug. Give it a clean and stick on a new washer if it needs it. I would always replace the washer but mine didn't seem to have a crush washer more like a permanent washer? Anyway clean it.


Remember that mahoosive socket? Well stick it on the oil filter and open it with your socket.


Also open your oil filler to help the oil out.


So keep undoing the oil filter and it will come up


So here is the oil filter. Dirty.


The filter will just pull out of the filter cap. like so


You also have an O ring at the top of the filter housing


Prise it off with a screwdriver or a hook or something.


Here is the bit the filter sits inside. I like to clean it out as much as I can. Then pour a little clean oil in here whilst the sump plug is still out. It pushes some dirty oil through.


You will get a new filter and o ring with your new filter. Get the O ring. Dip it in some new oil and rub it into the O ring.


The O ring goes back where you took the old one off. The filter just pushes on. I didn't realise I had some grubby oil on my gloves :glare: its ok though. Ready to go back on the car.


Then hand tighten it up so not to cross thread. Break out the torque wrench. tighten.


Then once the oil has stopped dripping which by this point it probably will have. Tighten up the sump plug. By hand then tighten it slightly by the ratchet. It doesn't need to be silly tight. Top up with oil. About 4litres and then it will probably need a small top up after that.

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