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this is my thread of my car!

i've had my car since i was 15 and im now 18!

so ive found some photos from ages ago to show how i got it and stuff!

hope you enjoy ill keep you updated on new mods and general stuff!

This is how i brought it for £150! the headgasket has gone and needs new brakes and lots more!

i've already sprayed my badges and added a few stickers i got it off a old american guy!



First mod was to take the rear wiper off!


Coilovers came!


Lupos off to get fixed! and mot'ed had to higher it to fit on low loader!


lupos back and on the road finally! so glad to be driving this now and not my mums renault megane that i wrote off a couple of weeks before i took this photo! and its clean! and ive took the number plate off whilst i get a new one!


sold my old wheels and swapped for some steels!

plans are to get them banded!


plans went down for banded steels but got myself some bbs rz! 14"



had to have tracking sorted and new wheel bearing!


had to pull it in garage for new radiator fan and some more tweeking before Ultimate Dubs!


nearly brought these! tried them on and everything but i wasnt sure!!


yellow tinted my indicators! it was a bitch to do!


fly eyed my side repeaters!


Camber shims and bolts have arrived and new bolts too!!! i love my postman!



13" 7j Mambas! taking the piss to get them to fit!

so I'm making my car fit the wheels!

i love these so much!



college carpark lupo and arosa love!


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sweeeeeeeeeeet mate looking good keep it up!

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Cheers dude! Just ordered hids! And wheels spacers for front so I can get my new wheels on the front! But it has been acting really funny tonight and cut out on me!

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