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[SOLD] 14" Borbet T 8J Gloss White 195/45 Falcons

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Selling my rims, looking for sensible offers please.. Had a bit of interest so far...

These have a fair bit of curbing around the lip, but other than the curbing they are in sound condition, with no cracks, dents or buckles.

Gloss White Borbet T. 14" Rim, 8J wide front and rear (4x100). 195/45/14 tyres, decent amount of stretch. (Not sure on ET)

3 of the tyres are Falcon and have a decent amount of tread (aprox 5mm). However, one tyre is a budget and is completely bald.

This rims would definately need a refurb, but i simply don't have the time, or money, I have been quoted £200 by a garage.. but i'm sure it could be done cheaper.

I know that Borbet T's sell for a good £380ish without tyres once refurbed.. Looking for about £310 for these, (with tyres)

Here's how they look on the loop.


Here's wheel 1 (worst)


Wheel 2


Wheel 3


Wheel 4


Poke and stretch from rear


Poke and stretch from front


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Okay, been away for a week or so, back now, in the process of posting more pics and details... Price drop.

Still for sale!

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