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HOW TO: Change/Fix Faulty Heater Backlight Bulb

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To fix the backlight bulb only takes a couple of minutes,

you don't need to remove the lower dash or heater control box.


Pull the centre knob from the heater control panel (just pull):


Then you will see the bulb in the centre, this can be pulled out with long nose pilers or tweeters (no rotation needed). I wrapped a little bit of insulation tape around the nose of the pliers just to protect the bulb on removing/refitting


Faulty bulb removed, mine had a broken filament, check the filament for breakages as it may just need the connection prongs adjusting.


The replacement bulb I fitted didn't work at first, but the connection prongs were a bit twisted and didn't make proper contact


Repeat the process to fit, You can see when fitting the slot inside where the base of the bulb aligns.


Finished, fully Lit heater panel.


[nfbr's Hints and Tips]

The bulb you require for the heater panel is a '286' Slim Wedge bulb. 1.2w.


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