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Hi all,

Some of you were interested in getting your hands on a tshirt but missed the last order - now is your chance to order!

I'll keep the orders open until SUNDAY 31ST JANUARY and order them on the Monday morning after.


Design 1


Design 2


(If anyone has a pic of them wearing their tshirts, can they PM me please - would be good to show what the tshirts actually look like!)

Colours & Sizes

Tshirts are Fruit of the Loom shirts and are available in the following colours:



Ladies shirts are in the following sizes:

XS Chest 30"

S Chest 32"

M Chest 34"

L Chest 36"

XL Chest 38"



Mens shirts are in the following sizes:

S Chest 35-37"

M Chest 38-40"

L Chest 41-43"

XL Chest 44-46"

2XL Chest 47-49"

Important: Because of the cost of ink changes and various screens, Design 1 is only available on light coloured tshirts. Please make sure you keep this in mind when ordering.

How to Order

Tshirts are £15 each (£12 for the tshirt and £3 P&P) and you need to send me payment via Paypal to n_a_westbrook @ hotmail.com (without the spaces!)

Important: Please mark it as a gift otherwise I will have to pay Paypal charges and will just end up asking you for more money!

You need to tell me in the message the following:

1 Which colour tshirt you would like (and whether it is the mens or the ladies)

2 Which size you require

3 Your address so I know where to send it! (Payments marked as gifts on eBay don't give the recipient the address)

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I'm currently 2 shirts short of the minimum order so I'm extending the deadline for ordering until Sunday 14th Feb.

For those who have ordered already, fear not - its definitely going ahead, even if I end up having to buy 2 shirts myself! :lol:

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Sorry, forgot to say that I will only be ordering Design 1 shirts this time as there was not enough interest in Design 2 shirts for a 2nd batch.

2 more orders of Design 1 needed to make it up to the minimum, or I'll be decorating in a CL tshirt, gardening in a CL tshirt, cleaning in a CL tshirts, cleaning my car in a CL tshirt, sleeping in a CL tshirt and cleaning my house in a CL tshirt... :lol:

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