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Firstly if my bank tells me i can with draw a certain amount does that include my overdraft. im really quite stupid with things like that...? Anyway back on topic. iv been thinking about it quite alot now and its really annoying me. I want my coilovers now. Thing is iv been worrying about havin enough money to tie me over for the month, i work 3 jobs and am at uni and am firmly against saving money...you cant take it with you. So... should i order my coilovers right now? Iv already bought my wheels and they should be with me tomorrow. then the next problem when i get everythin is sorting the insurance. I paid my insurance out right when i bought the car but with the mods it will double so do you think it will be an option for me to pay whats left monthly? i know i would be better speaking to my insurer but obviously its not open and these are justa few things that have been going round my head..

let me know


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Usually your bank balance will have an actual balance and then an available balance.

I'd pay attention more to the available balance than actual balance as this usually takes into consideration any overdraft facility as well as pending payments which are yet to come out (however not all banks show remove pending payments from the available balance so be careful).

If you can afford it then go for it, however I'd be 100% sure you can afford it before ordering as going over your overdraft limit can be costly!

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And its done... i have purchased a set of Phil j's coilovers...think il wait until they get here and do the coilovers and wheels at the same time...now just to sort the insurance...

(sorry about my use of elipses)

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