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Looking for a mild door or front speaker upgrade

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Hi all,

I've done quite a bit of searching but not found a direct answer for what I'm thinking so far, so please forgive yet another speaker recommendation request! :)

So, upon getting my GTI I noticed the driver's door speaker was making crackling sounds on bass notes, which became even more noticeable when I put in one of my favourite HUs. Time for a change I think. The new HU is only 4x25W, so it's not earth shattering, but if the standard door speakers may have a hard time with that I'm thinking I may as well go for a very mild upgrade when replacing, so at least going forward the speakers can happily handle that power. I don't really want to get into using external amps or anything, so that's a serious limiting factor I know.

The standard tweeters seem OK so I'm just thinking a door speaker at this point, would anyone have any recommendations for a good one?

Though I would consider a component set too if it was a fairly direct fit, ran happily on direct HU power and gave a result at least as good as, but even a little better than standard.

Thanks for the opinions!

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