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2003 Reflex Silver GTI

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Hi everyone,


Here is my 2003 Reflex Silver GTI, I've not had this car for long just yet. After recently parting with my last Lupo GTI, I didn't realise how much I would miss it and I have already got another one.






The car came with AirLift 3P Suspension Installed, running Air Lift Slam Series front struts and Firestone rear bags, using the 1/4" 3P Management.

The car drives very well after recently having a head-rebuild, reconditioned gear box and a new clutch!

The first thing I plan on doing to this is getting it in for some paint, the car is mechanically very impressive and I can't fault it in any way but the paint is letting this down massively!

Hopefully more pictures to follow soon as I make further changes along the line.

Here's a picture of my last GTI, bought completely standard and built with friends over the 2 years of ownership :( regret selling this one:



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Nothing new as of yet, been for a photoshoot with @traviscarterphoto

Car is going in for paint in the next month or 2 and it's not coming back silver :)

Next up on my list:

New Exhaust System

Smooth Front Bumper

Smooth Antenna Gap

MK6 Golf Boot Popper

MK7 Golf GTI Steering Wheel

MK4 R32 Konig Leather Seats

New Boot Build for the 3P

Retrim some interior bits

Here are the pictures from the shoot:





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