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5 wire front lambda sensor


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My first post on here so be gentle. I’ve recently bought a Lupo 1.4 16v, with a whole list of problems but it was too cheap not to buy. The engine runs but the epc and engine check lights are both on. Had a scanner on and one fault listed was open circuit heater on the pre cat lambda sensor. The guy we bought the car off told us he had fitted a new one, and it definitely is new.  I’ve tested it with a multimeter and between pins 1 and 2 are open circuit, I wonder tho if the part is faulty or the wrong one for the car. On checking the resistances on other pins I’ve found a pair that read 4-5 ohms (most likely the heater connections), which leads me to think the plug on the new lambda sensor is wired up wrong.  Trouble is I’ve not got an old one to check it against. Woundered if anyone on here had one they could meter out or a new one with the same colour coded wires as mine. Or  any other ideas gratefully received. Will try and attach a pic. The part number is OS092 RTG Automotive 

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