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Egr blanking arosa 6h 1l

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Back again 😂 so I have got a arosa 6h 1l petrol and I was wonder how do I go about removal of the egr for a blanking plate, I have gone though 3 egrs now and sick of replacing them with second hand cleaned ones 🙄 when you take the egr off I know coolant comes flying out every where so I was wondering if you can delete the whole egr or do you just have to block up the back of the egr aka the metal intake pipe part? And does it need to be mapped out at all?

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My egr was throwing up a code and the engine light, took 4 hours to take out due to a very rounded bolt and other complications.

In the end I just bit the bullet and bought one, like you said it pisses out coolant when you take it off so am not sure if there's a way to blank off that hole (who know water cooled egr's were a thing), runs fine with a new one now. Did look into blanking though, seems like a lot of hassle for not much in return. I'd just shell out for a new one rather than £20 from a scrappy not knowing when it's going to go again

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