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  1. Nayy

    Wide Wheels

    Yes lads, back again on the forum 🙏😇 so I was thinking of getting some new wheels next month and I don't have a clue like how wide I can go kinda thing, Its on coilovers and on it's arse, I was looking at some 15" ROTA Kyusha they are 15x7 et38. So is this to big for the back, would I have to roll my arches or what? I don't want to be messing around with them as my cars clean and don't want to watch rust and flaking paint come off it 😂 so if anybody knows whats the widest you can go then please comment, it would be much help. Cheers lads, Nayy ✌
  2. Back again 😂 so I have got a arosa 6h 1l petrol and I was wonder how do I go about removal of the egr for a blanking plate, I have gone though 3 egrs now and sick of replacing them with second hand cleaned ones 🙄 when you take the egr off I know coolant comes flying out every where so I was wondering if you can delete the whole egr or do you just have to block up the back of the egr aka the metal intake pipe part? And does it need to be mapped out at all?
  3. Yeah I do have faith in her! She has been good to me and again I do look after it. You always see like worn out lupo's and tbf you never see arosa's around so I'm trying my best to keep her on the road! If I have to stick a new engine in then let it be I will!
  4. I will get it on the ramp and see if I can just get to it with out taking anything off... well that's the plan 😂 Yeah I really really look after it like it's my pride and joy, I have spent at least 900 onit this year on mechanical things so it's tip top engine wise. Just really hope cleaning the sensor cures it because I really don't wanna be spending anymore onit tbf I just want to run it until next year and I will sell it I think.
  5. Didn't wanna hear that ffs 🙄 I'm sick of taking it apart now.. Yeah I will get it up on the ramp at work and see if I can stick my hand in or summit tbf.. but yeah I get what you mean about to cleaning it, i will just spray shed load of brake cleaner onit and see if that does something, did a compression test and they all seem amazing! And cleaned my throttle body out as oh wow it was bad but also brought a speed sensor for 14 quid so will just stick that on seeing as the computer said it's faulty 🙄 cheers boys, always a pleasure to hear off you two haha 🙏
  6. Right I will do that. Just nicked a cam sensor from the scrappy.. didn't cost me nothing so it's cool but where is the crank sensor located??
  7. Sorry it's been a couple of days I have been doing everything to get this fixed 🙄 so changed the cam sensor.. Nothing has changed what so ever... It's funny because when I have my foot on the accelerator my fuel gauge just goes down and back up so I brought a fuel pump and ovz it was the wrong one so yeah.. I'm driving it and it's kangaroo'ing so bad when I let off and put back on again but I don't know what to try.. might give it to somebody tbf 😐 any other inputs lads?? Getting fed up now 😂
  8. You see I was thinking crank sensor but I have seen a lot of people talk about them and replaced them but not really done the trick but i will try disconnecting it and see what it runs like and so on.. I thought it could of been my fuel pump as when I'm going then let go of my gass my fuel gauge goes down then back up when I put gas back on like it's actually messed up 🙄 but I will try the crack sensor and see what the crack is, cheers lads you have lot on here always help me out haha especially rich lmao I have seen his name more times than god knows what 😂🙏 but again thank you
  9. Hi lads I'm back again, so I think this cold weather is killing the adossa off so basically I have a small only minor misfire, like I can tell it's not running right.. so I plugged it in the first time and the codes where P0501 vehicle speed sensor A, P0507 idle controll system, P0562 system voltage and egr. But I cleaned it out with a tester and shed load of throttle cleaner so god know why that is up. Then I thought right low voltage must be due to something so plugged it in the day after and it came up with p0300 random/ multiple misfire, p0303 cyl 3 misfire. So checked spark plug.. was fi
  10. I did stick In after market dipped head lights to be fair, my audi lads seem to think it was pushing to much power so it over heated my wiring, i have sorted today and took my aftermarket led's out... just crazy how it didn't shoot the fuse up to be fair, iv took the led's out now!! Never again 😂 look cool but its a no no from me 😂 thanks lads ❤😇
  11. Sooo lads.... I went for a drive tonight with the lads and well!! I flicked on my main beam and and would not turn off!! Even with keys out the car! So I could smell burning and ripped off my steering wheel column plastic and the terminal for the beam fryed it self together and oh my I thought she was gonna go up in flames so like do you think this is common or unusual? what do you lot think??
  12. All done and dusted lads, wow you wasnt taking the piss how hard it was to get out ? all perfect and she is changing well ✌? thanks for all the advice boys ??
  13. Cheers guys you lot give good info ?? im going to do it with 2 picks and just be carfully.. hopefully it just slides out ✌? easy to do on a arosa tho or not??
  14. Sweet so im guessing its the same process as a 6n??
  15. Just need a little help on the selector seal if sombody can give me advice that would be great.. so basicly you guessed it ? the out side of my gear box looks terrible with all that oil over it ? i am going to replace the selector seal on friday and i have been researching stuff about it and i have only come across 1 video on how to do it and it was on a polo 6n witch do they have the same gear box as an 1l arosa? Because it looks easy to do if it does? What about getting the old seal out? Some people are saying it was a night mare and others it was easy? I am new to this and im not a mechanic
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