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Lupo flywheel and crank sensor!?!

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Ok so I have a sport 100bhp engine married up to a 1.4 75hp box.

It had been converted to bike carbs but never been fired up yet, but here's the question.

The bike kit wants a VR sensor but it appears I have a hall sensor which I can work around with resistors.

My only concern is I left the standard sport flywheel on the engine before I mated the box and now I am thinking that the sensor might be too far away from the flywheel as the 75hp and 100hp might be different diameters. Can't tell as google searches returned nothing in terms of flywheel diameters and I can't measure the flywheel since it is in the car.

Does anyone know if the 1.4 75hp gearbox can be mounted to the sports engine WITHOUT changing the flywheel?

I.E will the teeth and diameter configuration match up to get sensed by the 75hp crank sensor.

Hope that makes sense.

Any help would be appreciated as I really do not want to take the engine out again just to measure the flywheel!

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