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Door open/closed micro switch signal for aftermarket alarm/central lock kit

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Hi All,

Maybe someone can save me from this dilemma. I am currently installing an aftermarket central locking and alarm kit and all's well but I'm having issues in connecting the kit's wire to the door 'opened/closed' micro switch. Usually, at least in most of the cars I've been in touch with, the door pin sends a negative or positive feed when the door is open and no feed when the door is closed. On the Lupo however, I am having it the other way round; 12V feed when the door is closed and no feed when the door is open. The kit I have requires a positive feed when the door is open.

Is this behavior normal? Did anyone manage to install an aftermarket alarm system and connecting to the 'door pin' (micro switch)? If so, how did you do it? 

Many thanks in advance!

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When i did mine I used a Hawk kit, when you tell them the car you have they provide a wiring diagram for the car, that made thing s bit easier as you can have negative locking, positive locking or vacuum locking so helps to know which one to use

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