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Lupo GTI Interior


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So I'm planning on getting a lupo gti shortly and have a few things planned for it the first thing i want to carry out is a change up of the interior. 

I've been looking at polo 9n3 gti seats or mk6 golf gti seats and having the rear lupo seats retrimmed to match the front,has anyone on here swapped their seats for these if so is it a case of modifying the new seat frames or is there another way? 

Also I'm looking at changing the steering wheel to a mk6 golf gti steering wheel does anyone know if the splines are the same or will I have to look into getting some sort of adapter? 

Many thanks Joe 

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11 hours ago, CLAYTONJONES said:

I can't help on the seats but i know there not just bolt in obviously.

The steering wheel will be a straight fit in terms of splines, the wiring side of things is the tricky part if you want horn/airbag etc to work.

Cheers dude yeah I understand the seats won't just slide in wanted to see if anyone had any experience with those sets of seats in particular

I thought the splines would be the same ive seen a couple of things here there and everywhere that the airbag connectors are different so they will need changing and the horn shouldn't be too hard it's the airbag I'm more concerned about if I'm honest 

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