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Remove sump 1.4tdi


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Hi, I'm going to be changing my balance shaft chain in the coming weeks (when the weather is lovely and warm) I am wondering who has had their sump off their tdi? I'd like some advice on how to remove it.

Also can anyone recommend how I check my:

-timing chain,

-the sprocket which gets worn (not sure which one it is although I'm guessing it is in the sump)

-and the chain tensioner?

I'm going to make a video hopefully if I can get some good shots as I cannot find anything on youtube to help me. If not I'll take alot of pictures and try to be as clear as possible.

I am new to all this although I am handy with diy on cars, changing tie rods, wishbones, exhaust manifold etc so I am confident I can do this.

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