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Found 1 result

  1. JoeyEunos

    Joey's Retro Eunos Roadster.

    Ok, it's outside of the Lupo-scope but I came to the conclusion that if I'm 'in for a penny' then I might as well be 'in for a pound' as it where given this is the 'member's cars ' section of the forum Here she is, my legendary 1989 Eunos Roadster, bought last year on the basis of never having been welded/repaired (Quite a rarity for a Jap cars of this era) and being a deeply original first year of production import car... I soon put the originality problem to bed Here's how she stands today... Pushing a mighty 115BHP from standard only tells half the story, with no ABS or nonsense extra weight added from unnecessary stuff like airbags or PAS coupled with 50/50 weight distribution, rear wheel drive and a limited slip diff makes these cars great fun to drive at a low entry cost I've had a couple of these but this one's really struck a chord with me and provides a sublimely 'pure' driving experience, so far I've... Refurbed a set of 15x8j Rota RB as per the pics... The rims on these corrode badly under the lacquer, my solution was to go through progressivley deminishing grades of sandpaper followed by Autosol on a drill mop to bring the rims up to scratch. They went from this... Mid flow... To this... A bit of elbow grease really paid off Fair enough, I'll have to whip the Autosol out again every few months to keep them in check but that's a small price to pay given the saving made on the wheels due to a minor aesthtic issue! Then I made my own doorcars using a quilted leatherette jacket liner and bespoke door pulls and fitted a rare Nardi Classic wheel sourced from a recently impoted car changing them from this... To this... The finished job inc retro door pulls and DIY quilted door cards (Note vent trims removed/dials changed in this pic)... Other than these bits the car has had new shocks/springs, gearbox/diff/engine oil coupled with all filter being changed, uprated HT leads and timing advanced coupled with a mystery JDM exhaust (I've had three!) plus some paintwork and all dealt with including purchace of the car for under £2k! This little motor has brought me untold amounts of pleasure. There's very little in life that brings me more joy on a Sunday morning than to take her out and get things warmed up before giving it absolute death and getting sideways on every corner ... Compared to my current Lupo the car is really easy to work on and is basically a giant mechano set! Go out and buy one chaps

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